Saturday, February 2, 2008

Looking at the Bright Side....and a side note...

It is fun trying to find the bright side of things isn't it?

Such as, my kids and husband have been sick this week. Well, at least it isn't next week when we are going to Disney.

I have had the off and on sniffles as well. It was very odd. I started taking Zicam to prevent the cold from getting worse, then it would get better. Well, then it would get worse and I would start sneezing.

The kids would get better...then they would start having a runny nose again and coughing.

I started noticing a pattern when I went into the bathroom and would have a sneezing fit. My husband's shirt was hanging in the doorway to dry. Hmmm....

Well....I developed a theory. I think I am allergic to the clothes detergent we are using. We have always used Arm and Hammer. But this time it is a new scent, it has oxyclean in it and it is "fresh scent" kind of flowery. We opened the new container about a week and a half ago. Around about the time we all first started getting sick. About the time it would take to cycle through all the clothes that were washed in the old stuff and go full time to the new stuff.

So, I resolved that first thing this morning I would go to the store and buy new detergent and rewash everything. Then I went to bed. Well, since everyone had been sick I stripped all the beds yesterday and WASHED them in hot water so they would be germ free. Bad news is, they are now "freshly scented" with the new detergent! As soon as I laid down on my pillow I sneezed. Then my eyes started watering.

No wonder the kids were worse when they first woke up in the morning!

I toughed it out through the night because I was just too tired from the day to get up and change the sheets, and besides Katie was already asleep on our bed because Corey had decided to sleep on her bed to prevent keeping me awake with his coughing etc.

So, this morning I ran out to the store for some unscented, dye free detergent (just to be on the safe side), some claritin, and some mucinex. I come home and strip all the beds again and start rewashing.

Then I head to the closets.

Can you even CONCEIVE how frustrating and annoying it is to take FRESHLY washed clothes out of the drawers and off the hangers to put them back in the dirty clothes without them having been worn?

I was very easy to discern which ones were "freshly scented." I just pulled something out, gave it a sniff, and if I sneezed or almost sneezed then it was guilty and thrown in the hamper! I was so proud of how our laundry was caught up! I had it all cleaned, folded, hung worry or chores for the weekend!

So, now I sit here, in between loads of "clean" laundry, trying to find the bright side. I guess I could have not realized the problem and continued having reactions to the clothes. There...there's the bright side.

SIDE NOTE: So, I know that if you are a computer user you have probably noticed how GOOGLE seems to commemorate every single non-holiday and event and the major ones with an illustration. Sometimes there will be the most random little picture of a radio or something and when I roll over the icon it will say "celebrating 50 years of play-doh" or something similarly obscure.
Well...I would just like to point out that there was no cute ground hog reference. Maybe they were thrown off because it was on a Saturday, I know I was! I walked by the calendar and was like "Oh, happy ground hog day." Usually it is on a weekday and you know people are always looking for something unique for a weekday, workday, schoolday, etc. Anyway, just thought it was odd the the groundhog didn't get a nod from Google. I have enjoyed Groundhog Day ever since the movie...if you haven't seen it you should!

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andysbethy said...

I am so proud of you and your "Pollyanna" attitude. You are finding the happy thoughts. My husband is currently talking to your husband, and I am hoping I get to talk to you when they are done, but for now I will leave a comment on here. Good luck with the laundry. You will be caught up again soon - I know it!