Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I just posted, but I have to tell what just happened! I heard Katie crying and I went to her room and she was sitting in the floor with her Barbies. I asked her, "What's wrong?"
She said in a crying voice, "I just don't WANT to get married!"
I said, "You aren't getting married."
She said,"When I am a grown up and I am about to get married I will just wish for a fairy godmother to turn me back into a child......*sob*...I don't want to leave you!"

I said she didn't have to leave until she wanted to....and she assured me she would never want to.

A few minutes later she came into the kitchen still upset. She put her hands out in a type of exasperated expression and said, "It's because grown-ups just do boring things."

I really had to fight a smile as I asked, "what do you mean?"

She said, "grownups just sleep, and read and do boring stuff."

I explained that when you are a grown up those things aren't boring to you. She said, "But I just want to be a kid and read kid books and go to church and play."

I insisted that you can still have fun as a grown up and that we have fun playing with our children, and taking them to Disney World and going to church. She said she just wants to stay a kid.

I wonder how long this sentiment will last?


SoCalVal said...

This is so touching. Have you seen the video of Trace Atkins called "You're Gonna Miss This" - It's not a Christian song, but the meaning behind a child and their wish to grow up is so touching... makes me love these moments that they don't want to grow up. Great post.

I got Weblink Wednesday up and running early tonight if you want to stop by and add a link or snag a helpful link from another HS mom.


Sullins' Spot said...

Not long is what I fear! Just wait...our girls will be teenagers and we will be blogging about those boyfriends we had to get away from our daughters, etc.

Oh, if they could only stay this way! :O)

Katie Thompson said...

i reely cryed