Friday, May 2, 2008

Our first "lapbooks!"

Today we tried "lapbooking." This is a term for a themed folder project that a student can make about anything in the world, practically! I heard about this through homeschool groups but always thought it sounded like too much work *lol*, and it is some work, but it is a lot of fun! I found a site where you can get tons of "pre-created" pages that you just print off and create your lapbook from their materials. The instructions for completing the different activities and how to fold them to put in the folder are included with each one! SO EASY!

The amount of work the students do depends on their age, so....... I did a lot of cutting and folding today. Part of that was due to the fact that I wanted to get this one all done today! Katie and Noah enjoyed it, of course, since this lapbook project was "All About Me." You use a regular folder and fold the two flaps to make a "book" that will fit in your "lap." clever huh? (What kind of books don't fit in your lap?!)

ANYWAY...this one had lots of little foldable "things" to put in, a section for their address, phone number, favorite things, "facts about me," a timeline, etc. Very cute and I think they will both enjoy reading them over and over and sharing them with the family. Here are some pictures of their lapbooks. Katie's hand and foot outline are on the back of her lapbook. Each of the little sections of the folder are either a stapled together mini booklet you can open and read or it is folded someway so that it unfolds and you can see several sections or pages.

I have a feeling this won't be our last one! What a fun way to practice all kinds of skills...cutting, folding, coloring, writing letters and numbers, plus whatever "skill" the lapbook topic is. This one happens to be about them, but you can get them based on all kinds of science and social studies topics, animals, books, etc. I am excited to have tried and liked this method of schooling!


Anonymous said...

These are great! So glad you have done these!
Be blessed!

jmcwnz said...

Yeah! Keep going with your lapbooks - so many topics, so many skills, so much to learn ... and so little time!

Keep lapbooking as long as you're having fun!

SoCalVal said...

Wow! Carrie, you did an amazing job! I can hardly believe that this is your first lapbook!!! Way to go!!! I bookmarked your blog so I can come and visit more often.

Valerie (just4homeschoolfamilies)

The Covarrubias Family said...

Hi! I really enjoyed your lapbooks. Doesn't it feel great to accomplish them? I plan to use this one with our younger ones in homeschool group next year. Thanks for sharing. I also loved your bookshelf and got myself one!


Sullins' Spot said...

Oh, girl! What a great thing. I have a feeling I will be emailing you a lot this summer for some good ideas to do with the kids! This will be the first thing on my list! Great idea and your kids did a great job!

The Duke Family said...

Those are cute. I think I might try them this summer. Can you send me the website you got the information from, or should I just google lapbook? You can email me at: christinaduke(at)comcast(dot)net.
Thanks, I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie~

I've heard so many great things about you from Amy. I was homeschooled my self for 10 years and we made lap books too!! I can remember several of them. Neat to know they're still going!