Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Birthdays.....

Yesterday was Mother's Day and Corey's 28th birthday (Corey was born on Mother's Day too!)....but who racked up?! Katie and Noah, of course!

Actually....I am still waiting to use my birthday/Mother's Day gift. I got the combo gift for my hour massage and facial at a local day spa! I am very excited to use it, but I am waiting until the weekend after we do all our home improvement projects. We will be repainting our livingroom, kitchen, and master bedroom/bathroom. Also, on Memorial Day weekend, while the kids are camping with one set of grandparents and overnighting with the other set of grandparents, I will be assisting in whatever way I can while Corey replaces our carpet and puts down laminate wood floors in our livingroom/kitchen/hallway. I am very excited to get rid of the terribly stained carpet and excited to see a new color in the kitchen. I am also very excited about enjoying that Mother's Day/birthday massage afterwards!!!!!

Corey got himself a new hat: A
Boston Red Sox hat. He had one years ago but lost it when Katie was born (we think maybe left at the hospital!) So...there's the one he got finally to replace it!

The day actually started at church, of course! The guys at church had prepared breakfast for all the moms...yum! Corey had a part in a humorous Mother's Day skit and played guitar with the praise band, as usual. I found a really cute project I prepared for the preschoolers. You take styrofoam cups (16oz or larger) and cut strips down the sides almost to the bottom. Then, you put them in a 270 degree oven for about 15 have to watch them it is SO neat! The sides will curl down and under and make a flower! Then the kids can glue them on a paper and paint them to complete a cute flower!

We had a delicious birthday/Mother's Day meal at WOW wings in Armuchee with my parents and grandmother. Then we went over to the mall so Corey could pick out his new hat. I am glad we stopped by because I saw that Bath and Body Works had their soaps 5 for $10!!!! WOW! So, I got a little impromptu Mother's Day gift! 2 Wild Honeysuckle , 2 Warm Vanilla Sugar soaps, and 1 new one one to try, (can't remember the name right now!). And, a warm vanilla sugar mini hand sanitizer. What a deal! All that for $12!

We then headed over to the hospital to visit Corey's grandad who just had open heart surgery last week. He was doing well as can be expected anyway! Then I was just about to crash so we headed home.

Corey went out to pick up some frozen pizza for dinner and a cookie cake for himself! ha ha While he was out he stopped to pick up a surprise at Nanna and Poppa's house. This is the part where they rack up! When daddy got back from the store he brought in the surprise: new REAL guitars for Katie and Noah. Here are some pictures of them experimenting with their new guitars. They have their own cases and can only get them out when Daddy is with them. They practiced strumming the strings with the picks. Daddy tuned them to an open tuning so it makes a pleasant sound when they strum. They had fun, but after a while they were ready to move on to birthday celebrating!

We ate pizza, the kids sang Happy Birthday to Daddy and then we all enjoyed a slice of cookie cake. Then Katie, Noah and Daddy played Wii bowling. They LOVE Wii bowling! Noah and Katie are actually pretty good! The have each won before! I was watching them and trying to stay awake on the couch, so as soon as we got them tucked in I WENT TO BED! I was asleep by 8:30pm! So, when Noah woke up this morning at 6:45am, I was actually ready to get up and feeling much better!

It was a great day!

FOOTNOTE: I have to share my secret to cleaning the house in one of my pictures in my slideshow! In the picture of Katie, Noah, and Corey playing the guitar, there was a blue water bottle lid under the edge of the used my Memory Manager software from Creative Memories to "erase" the bottle cap from the picture by cloning the carpet! fun!


Sullins' Spot said...

Very cute! Happy Mother's Day! I am glad you had an awesome one! :O)

heathcliff said...

I approve the Red Sox hat