Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wishing and Hoping...

As we "finish" our first year of homeschooling I am already thinking about what we will do/change for next year. This year was great, relaxed, fun, etc. But, I do want to be on more of a schedule next year...and with the help of a friend sending her preschooler over to school with us, I am sure that will help keep my on my toes.
We will be going with a new curriculum next year called "Sonlight." It has all my weekly lesson plans already made for me and I can supplement with our own handwriting and Math, which is great!
Today I have been making lists of books, etc. we will need to get to go along with our curriculum, esp with adding another student in the mix. I needed to come up with a list for her as she will be doing the same stuff as Noah so we will need some duplicates. Then I decided to just make a wish list of "stuff we would love to have" for our classroom next year. The #1 thing on the list is a new table....the desk thing didn't work too great for us this year, as we like to do stuff all together and ended up sitting on the floor a lot, which is okay sometimes, but not so great when the floor is cold!
On the right of the page is a link to my "Amazon wishlist" of things we would love to have, in case anyone happens to be in a giving and blessing others mood! ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Friday. I was looking for your e-mail and couldn't find it... I have a book I want to give you. I wrote it and it's for new homeschool mom's. Especially those who are in their first two years. It's encouragement. If you are intereted, come on by and let me know. My e-mail is:

Thanks! Congrats on finishing your first year!!! Thanks something to smile about!!!