Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two funny things...

Not one of the funny things: Southern Wife: I see other people have commented on your blog so perhaps my situation is an isolated thing....I comment on other blogs though, so it makes me sad that your's won't let me :(

On to the funny things: One short, One kind of long.

Yesterday when Noah was coming up the front porch stairs he was holding two footballs in his hands (one large and one small). Since he had one in each hand he said he couldn't hold on to the rail to walk up the stairs. Our stairs are a little bit steep, I mean they are typical porch steps, and I have a fear of one of them (well Noah, Katie never tries to go without holding on) losing their momentum and falling backwards and busting their heads on the sidewalk. It is about 9-10 steps, so it could be pretty rough if that ever were to happen. ANYWAY....he said he couldn't hold on and I responded with, "Well, you should hold on, because if you fall and bust your head on the sidewalk we will have to go to the hospital and you will have to get a needle in your head." (I KNOW I KNOW...I am not trying to scare him, but I am, besides I didn't use the negative mommy speech: You WILL fall and bust your head...I said IF he falls). The funny part comes next.... he kind of considered what I said for about 3 seconds and asked me with eyebrows raised: "Will it be a sharp needle?"
To which I obviously responded seriously, "Yes."
So.......with that information he decided to push both footballs under one arm and hold on as he came up the stairs.
Point: Mommy. (Note to self for future reference: Noah is only actually wary of needles if they are sharp.)

Second funny thing: Tonight for dinner I made turkey burgers and hotdogs. Well....actually I bought these "hotdogs" a few weeks ago (still good I checked the date ha) and the actual name of the product is "Smart Dogs" You can click on the name and see a picture. It was an honest attempt to try to get Noah to eat something healthy. He eats why not give it a try?
So.....we sit down and Katie and I decide to share and each take half of a hotdog and a hamburger. (by the way, Noah wasn't feeling well today and only ate yogurt for dinner, big surprise)
We prepare our stuff and Katie takes a bite of her "hotdog."
She promptly stands up and spits it out on her plate. "Yuck"
Corey and I look at each other in amazement! If you know Katie, you know she will eat just about anything...ANYTHING! She eats beets, black olives, cottage cheese....any kind of bran cereal....onion rings (just the INSIDE of them!).....this is truly a surprise.
So, now I am afraid to taste it! We asked the obvious question as Corey takes a bite of his to try...."Did it not taste good? What does it taste like?"

Katie says," tastes like a little bit of a piece of paper." (word for word!)

Serious as she can be!
We died laughing! Corey decides he thinks it tastes like Vienna Sausage (which I don't think it does....) I very hesitantly take a bite of doesn't really have a strong I guess I have to agree with Katie.
I just can't believe there is a food that Katie won't eat!
I will end my blog with this truly hilarious review of "Smart Dogs" I found while looking for the link I posted earlier. I didn't keep the name of the writer who did the review, but I have to wonder if this person has ever actually TASTED a real hotdog!

"Lightlife's Smart Dogs are truly amazing. They tasted exactly like regular hotdogs and even better. These veggie links cook fast and do not taste rubbery. If you switch them on your children they will not even notice the difference."



andysbethy said...

I think we tried the smart dogs once. They obviously didn't make much of an impression, but I don't remember hating them either. I think that Canaan liked them... but, like Katie, Canaan likes pretty much everything! It is pretty amazing to have found something that Katie didn't like.
Noah is a riot. Have I told you lately that I love your kids? Well, I do.

Sullins' Spot said...

Those are some funny stories! My kids would just have a fit if I tried to switch their hotdogs up on them. I like hotdogs but only the beef kind. I don't think I would enjoy the paper ones! hehehe!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I enjoyed reading your story!!!

Have a great Mother's Day weekend.