Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bah Humbug on the Superbowl!!!!!

It was just brought to my attention today that the Superbowl is in Tampa, FL, this year. On February 1st. February 1st was going to be our first day of visiting parks on our Orlando trip. Orlando happens to be about 70-something miles from Tampa. Apparently, when the Superbowl was in Miami, the crowds at the Disney parks were worse than usual, as people made a vacation of it!
"Experts" are predicting that the crowds will be even worse with Tampa being so near Orlando!
So, we made the decision today to postpone our trip to the next week.
That does not make my day :(
On the other hand, it would not have made my day to plan the trip at the least busy time of year only to find out that it had become one of THE busiest days of the year. So I am glad we found out and were able to change our reservation with no penalties.


andysbethy said...

At least you found out now, rather than a week before hand. You still have plenty of time to work all the details. I know you are disappointed though. I am sorry.
But, you still have plenty to look forward to, and lots of fun things to plan for, and it is going to be a wonderful vacation. So, chin up. Fun times are on their way!!

Marcy said...

Wow, I am really glad that you found out now instead of when you got there! By the time you get there, you will forget that you should have been there a week earlier! We are thinking about going when we take vacation in Nov.