Sunday, September 28, 2008

Les Mis...

We had our date night last night! It was SUPER fun! (that's for you emily!)

Actually, we kind of had a date day! Katie and Noah went with Corey's mom after the soccer game to go camping in their camper at Allatoona. Since we were on our own we decided to pick up lunch out as well. We went to a little "hole in the wall" Irish place in Cartersville called M'vorneen's. It was really good, we both had a "philly style" chicken sandwich with these GREAT french fries and tater chip things (like at zaxby's kind of). Anyway, after that we came home, straightened up the house a bit and got ready to go out. The bad part about Corey's mom being gone camping, was that we couldn't stop by and let her take pictures of us. We set the camera on timer delay on the rail of the porch and tried to get some, but it was kind of hard and doing that we didn't really want to stand out there and take a bunch.

We decided to go down to Atlantic Station first. We went in Ikea, which we had never been in before. WOW! That is such a cool store! Their stuff is really nice and CHEAP! Can't wait till I can go when I have money to spend! ha ha!

We walked around Atlantic Station for a while and then it was getting to be time to decide what to eat, so we decided to head on over to The Fox, park, and decide what to eat near there. We walked around for a while, then decided to eat at an Italian place a block down. I can't remember the name of it, but it was good. Believe it or not, neither one of us had pasta! Corey had lamb cutlets over lentils (it was SO good!) and I had a pear/gargonzola salad. It was good food, but it was kind of expensive for the portion (we were full, but it should have been a little cheaper in other words). We had chocolate amaretto cake and chocolate mousse for dessert, the mousse was YUMMY!

Then it was time to go stake out the theater. People were already lined up to go in but we decided to wait out on the sidewalk for a while. There was a whole group of people coming together from church but we had decided to do our own thing and have a date night instead of going with them to eat and all. They were all riding together and we were going to wait on them, but at about 10 after 7 we decided to go on in. On our way in we stopped and asked a couple to get a picture of us. I didn't take very many pictures other than that.

The Fox is BEAUTIFUL! It is very ornately decorated and I regret not getting more pictures. We went on in about 7:30 to find out seats. We were in the Loge on the front row, "the best seats in the house" the usher told us. But, anyone who knows me will know that I had to spazz out when I was walking to my seat. I HATE heights!!!! I was feeling very lightheaded and all walking down to our seat and I spent the first 15 minutes sitting and looking at Corey's shoulder instead of looking around. But, as time passed I acclimated and was able to look around and enjoy the view. The Fox is set up to look like you are in an outdoor amphitheater. There is a "sky" above you and the seating part looks like an ancient palace or something. The stars are twinkling and the clouds move. It is really very beautiful. Oh, a guy was playing "Mighty Mo" the big pipe organ before the show...that was kind of neat!

The rest of our group got there about 10 till the show. I had not ever read or seen anything about this show before. I did read a little synopsis of the plot bc someone told me it might be confusing. The singing was awesome and the show was great!

On the way home we stopped at Steak and Shake for some cheese fries!

In the bed about 1 and I got up at 10am this morning! It was my day off from teaching the preschool class and with no kids to get ready for church I decided to "take a day." WOW, I haven't slept until 10:30 since I can't remember!!!!!! Poor Corey had to get up at 7 though, so I feel bad for him, but I am very thankful for my extra sleep, especially since school starts back tomorrow!

Here is our picture from the porch. I can't get the one taken from the theater to work right now for some reason, the sizing is odd.
I really wish we had taken some better pictures. I ultimately decided to just get a new outfit because the boots I had didn't go with the dress I wanted to wear and new shoes would have cost as much as this outfit! I kind of enjoyed being dressy casual too since we went out early. We will wear this again sometime and get some good pictures!


andysbethy said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun... of should I say Super fun! I love your new outfit. I was going to say especially the shirt, but I love the pants too, so... I love the whole outfit.
I really want to try that Irish place. It sounds yummy. Maybe we can eat there when I come visit. Is it kid friendly?
I have never been to Ikea either. My sisters love it though. That will have to be a field trip some time too! (any excuse, right?)

Kelsey and Travis said...

Y'all look so cute! The date night sounded like a ton of fun.

Southern Wife said...

Ikea is the best!!! Brian and I stopped by there in Atlanta a few months ago and were overwhelmed. Next time I'm making a list beforehand. It sounds like you guys had a great date night all around. I've never been in the Fox before - I'm inspired to make my hubby take me there now!!

Anonymous said...

What a great night. You explained it so well. Sounds like you both enjoyed the date. We also had a great date night on Saturday. It was fun.

Hope you have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love date nights.

It was a good picture of you! Can't wait to see the other pics you have.