Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Noah scored a goal tonight at the soccer game! We, as the VERY young 4 year old team, were getting totally stomped by the other team, AGAIN, but this coach was AWESOME and had his team step way back on the field and pretty much let us run the ball down and score. You should have seen our kids, they were absolutely THRILLED! They had a great attitude though, and that one goal really did improve their playing the rest of the game! They were actually stealing the ball some and almost getting it in, but those "almost 6 year old" legs on the other team were just faster at getting it out from in front of our players.

So, when the other team let us run the ball down the field, Noah happened to be the one that actually kicked it in the goal. I was standing on the field and behind them so I couldn't see, but Corey said his face totally LIT UP when all the parents started yelling and applauding. He really did deserve to get the goal, even if I AM the coach! ha ha. We were short a couple of players so a few of ours had to play almost the entire time, which is hard for little ones their age, but Noah, and the other coach's son, Cash, didn't get lazy or stop trying their best the ENTIRE time! I was SO proud of him! I hope we caught it on video, if we can get it on here I will post it.

I am so proud of him! Just wanted to say that!

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andysbethy said...

Good job Noah! And, good job Mommy! I am so glad that ya'll are having fun with soccer! Wish we could come to a game some time! I can't seem to write a sentence without an exclamation point! I will stop now!