Sunday, September 7, 2008

Now for a precious story about Katie....

The other morning Corey walked down the hallway and noticed Katie standing in her room. She was holding a piece of "nature art" she had created at her homeschool afternoon group. It has nuts, sand, grass, etc, glued on the page to make a picture.
Anyway, she was standing in her room, holding the paper up in her arms facing it up toward the ceiling.
Corey said, "What are you doing?"
She replied: "I'm showing this picture to God."

Wow. I believe He probably thought it was an awesome piece of art, what do you think?


andysbethy said...

Perfect. That is so precious.

Marcy said...

Too, too, too cute!

Kelsey and Travis said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!! Every time that I read you and Bethys blogs and hear all the adorable things that the kidos are saying it makes me miss home soooooo much.