Monday, May 18, 2009

A Busy Week!

Here is a picture of Noah and his friend Joshua, at their last t-ball class. They got a bat and ball as a gift at the end. They played a game and it was SO cute! I am sure the upcoming t-ball season is going to be so much fun! This picture of Katie is from when we were leaving her ballet recital on Saturday. She was showered with flowers of course, and she did a great job! That will be her last dance recital for a while since she has decided she wants to pursue music next and will be taking lessons in the fall.

After her dance recital, Katie went on a date with her Daddy! He took her to the Melting Pot for a celebration of the day and as a special time for the two of them. Here are pictures of her leaving on her date. Of course since it was just Corey and Katie, he didn't take many pictures while they were out... just a couple but they were on his phone. She LOVED the Melting Pot...especially the cheesecake dipped in the chocolate fondue.

Yesterday we went to Canaan's 6th birthday party. It was so much fun. Bethany planned a "Camo" themed party with all the kids wearing their camo, a tank cake, an obstacle course, a snake hunt, and actual "MREs" for the food for the kids. It was so funny to see them all trying to figure out (with the parents help of course) how to cook those things! It was hilarious! There was even a USO performance to entertain the troops during the party... a puppet show! I am sure Bethany is going to post plenty of pictures of that soon, so check it out on her blog.

THEN, last night I went to an AWESOME surprise party for Bethany thrown by her mom and sisters for her upcoming 30th birthday. We had a "Sweet Tomatoes" type salad bar and muffins and ice cream bar. We also played the American Idol game on Xbox which was SO much FUN!
She did not have a clue about it and was SO surprised!!! It was GREAT! More pictures to come of that later too, probably on her blog and her sister's blog. I was able to meet a couple of my "online" blogging friends that I know through Bethany at her party too! Mary and Heidi were both here for the party and it was very neat getting to actually meet them in person and hang out together...they were so much fun!

*Whew!* What a weekend! I was actually looking forward to today...MONDAY morning, so that I could sleep in! ha ha!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

What a crazy busy weekend!! So glad you were able to make it, and thanks for bringing the brownies and for doing the gift of the scrapbook. I am so excited to get the pictures uploaded and sent over to Betsy!

Karen said...

A great weekend making great memories...

Andy's Bethy said...

Well, it is Monday night, and I am still exhausted. One day was not enough to recover!
Thanks for being a part of all my fun.