Saturday, May 9, 2009

Corey: Day 6

Well, there will only be one more post after today before Corey's birthday.
Poor Corey, his birthday is almost always overshadowed by Mother's Day. :(

I even almost didn't get a question posted today, and he probably won't get to answer it before tomorrow! ha.
We have had a great date night and day last night and today. We ate a huge meal at The Melting Pot last night and then today we drove up to Chattanooga to scope out McKay's Used Books (got some AWESOME deals on homeschool stuff for next year!) and ate lunch at P.F. Chang's.
So, here is a weird question for today based on eating out:

If tomorrow, every single fast food restaurant had to be the same, what fast food restaurant would you want them to be?
Same for sit-down restaurants. What would your choices be????


Andy's Bethy said...

This may not count, since it is a family thing, but Chick-Fil-A wins the fast food one hands down, especially if they were all Dwarf Houses.
I don't have a favorite sit down restaurant, but I am feeling partial to Sweet Tomatoes tonight, so they get the vote.
I can't wait to hear Corey's answer! I am sure his will include a lot more meat then mine, haha!

Carrie said...

This is one of those impossible questions!!!! I think I would have to pick Fazoli's for fast food..because I LOVE Italian and I can't pick Olive Garden as my sit-down because I would get tired of it as an only choice.
For a sit-down restaurant it would have to be Cracker Barrel... variety, CAN be healthy, and good dessert! A good anytime choice...

Corey said...

Sorry, I am a little late on this...

For the fast food place, it would be Martin's just for breakfast. I would fight a grown man over a Martin's chicken biscuit.

The sit down would be Cracker Barrel as well, there is always something there that I would want to eat.

heathcliff said...

Dunkin' Donuts

A small iced coffee costs 99-cents and tastes better than Starbucks.


Las Palmas

I never get tired of Lunch #7.

Karen said...

I agree with the Cracker Barrel choice for variety offered....I really don't know on the fast food choice...a lot of them seem the same anyway...