Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I have to start off by sharing the sad ending to our day. It was so completely frustrating and I don't want to end on a sad note, so I will get it over with now.
As you will see later, we went out for ice cream today. We ordered three things off of this "sweet deals" menu.
The lady gave us our total and I pointed out that it sounded too high.
She said (as this sign says) that I had to tell her before I ordered because they have a separate button for "that."
I said, "Seriously?"
She said, "Yes."
I said, "That is completely ridiculous."

I know that there is a sign under this menu that says "mention the deal when you order." But COME ON! It is RIGHT THERE HUGELY displayed on their menu. Who would NOT want the SPECIAL?
I am so mad. We will NEVER go back there. I can promise you that. That is a crazy policy and extremely annoying that she didn't offer to fix it or re-ring it for me.
It would have saved us OVER $2!!!! now on to the

We have had an AWESOME weekend! It started with absolutely nothing being planned! ha!
We started Friday with starting to work on Noah's fossil kit. They had fun but there was no way we were going to finish that in one night....
so we put it aside for another night for finishing.

This thing takes FOREVER! But, we did see a few bones starting to peep out...

Here is Corey practicing for church...

The kids wanted to have a sleepover.... they were so cute!
They talked and giggled and played!
And FINALLY went to sleep!

On Saturday we met Matt, Erin, and baby Kaidence at
Ridgeferry Park for a picnic and playing.

Katie with her favorite baby....

I did not know that Ridgeferry park had a nature trail! It was neat!

We had church on Sunday, then today we had planned to go to the Renaissance Festival but the weather was so rainy yesterday and we figured it would be muddy so we decided to wait again on that. Instead we went to the park again and walked ALL THE WAY from Ridgeferry Park to Broad Street...WHEW! It was quite a walk! We had some lunch, then Corey and Ben went to get the cars so they could pick us up! ha ha!
THEN we went BOWLING! It was the second time the kids had ever been bowling and they had so much fun!

Here's Noah getting cooled off by the hand dryer.

The kids did great, here is Noah after his spare...

The final score:

Then, the last treat of the day: ICE CREAM!


Marcy said...

Oh man, Carrie. You must be much nicer than me...I would have walked out of Dairy Queen and said loudly as I walked out "we'll just go to Brusters". Or, something like that. I would have at the very least pitched a loud fit and demanded to talk to a manager. Oh, that kind of thing really irritates me!

It sounds like the rest of your weekend was so nice and I enjoyed hearing about it!

Karen said...

Shame on Dairy Queen....

Love the pictures!!