Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thirty-One (and 300th Post!)

I just noticed that this is my 300th post, but I already had this maybe I will commemorate #301 instead..:)

My friend, PJ, recently became a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts. It is a Christian company and the name comes from "Proverbs 31." I had hosted a party before for another friend of mine, Amy, but she has moved to Arkansas. So, when PJ signed up I decided to host a party for her to help her business get going and I also was VERY motivated by the hostess special for the month of April (if I got $500 in orders I got $150 in free stuff!). coincided with my birthday month so all my friends were motivated to order something for me to help me get free stuff for my birthday while getting something cute for themselves or a friend too!!!

Anyway, I had not posted what I got with my hostess rewards, so I thought I would go ahead and share....Thanks to my generous friends, I was able to make my goal and get $150 in FREE stuff! WOO HOO!

I know that Amy sometimes reads my blog and I wanted to clarify anyway: The brown insulated bag that is shown (with Thompson on it in tan) is one I ordered the last time I had a party. I put it on here to show because as part of my order to make my $500 I had ordered two bags "like" that one but in the black and white print shown below as Mother's Day gifts. We got one embroidered with "Meme" and one with "Nanna" for our moms. The paisley print bag is SO cute. I wish the colors had shown up brighter on here.... It is a wipeable material which makes it a GREAT out and about bag. It holds lots of stuff! It is called the "Mommy Tote" and I got it as part of my freebies from my party! The little containers are soy melting accents for a warmer I got at my last party. They smell so good!

Here are the rest of the items I got for FREE. The big bag in the back was my "big" wishlist item. It is called a "Carry-All Tote". I got the matching Spa Train Case and I am so excited to use it, oh, the next time we go somewhere...ha ha! That big bag currently has a twin size quilt stuffed in it to make it stand up for the picture, and still has plenty of room for stuffing! I can't wait to see how much I will be able to get in it! The spa train case has a wipeable inside so it will be perfect for makeup, toiletries, etc. The little bag on the left is called a Wristlet. It is SO cute and handy! I was able to put everything from my small purse inside and it has a wrist strap (you can see better if you click on the link) that makes it easy to carry around with all the essentials inside. In June they are coming out with one that will match my Mommy Tote that I so want to get! It clips right inside most of the bigger totes!

So, there you go! All my adorable freebies! If you live in Cartersville, Rome, etc, you should contact PJ about hosting a show. She does such a fun night with games and all it is just a ton of fun! Plus, this stuff is just TOO CUTE to pass up! I might even come, who knows? Check out the latest hostess and customer specials on her website, there is always a great offer going on!


PJ said...

What a friend!!! I will be sure to give you double what I am giving you now, haha!

Anonymous said...

MAN! I wish I lived in N. Ga :)