Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Husband!

You may have noticed I skipped yesterday.....yeah, it was Mother's Day. It turns out we didn't order our Mother's Day gifts in time to get here
so we will be celebrating that in a few days, ha ha.

Anyway...Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband today!!! He was born May 11th, 1980... Corey Jason. ELEVEN POUND and EIGHT OUNCES! This will make the 10th birthday that I have known him through and the 9th we have celebrated "together." I would like to say that he has grown up so much and matured since I have known him,
but as George Washington never said, "I cannot tell a lie." HA! Just kidding.

Click on the collages to see them bigger and better!

A collage of just a few of the silly pictures we have. Notice top left and bottom right...
Andy and Corey showing off how much they have matured in the past years....ha ha!

Corey, in not the man I married almost 8 years ago. And I am SO happy for that. Don't get me wrong, he was (as all brides think) Absolutely WONDERFUL the day I married him...(ha ha).. but I am so happy that he has grown in being more responsible, more understanding, and who knew he would be such an awesome DAD?! I have never ever had to worry about him being a provider because he has a dedicated work ethic and would work anywhere he had to in order to provide for our family. I know that without a doubt!
He has stated that he would work two jobs before he took me out of the home again and that means more to me than anything!!! I am so happy he is accepting and supportive of my opinions about raising our children and has been agreeable about homeschooling and my "new thing of the week" that I come up with that is the b
est thing ever we need to try for our home/diet/finance/school/vacation.

Thanks for putting up with me.

We are really a good match. I love Corey so much... and I am thankful that God saw the potential we had and has let us grow together into it.

Happy 29th birthday!!!!!

If you know Corey, feel free to leave him a little birthday note here... check out his mom's tribute on her blog HERE. At least go over and commend her for bringing 11 pound into the world....and that was before the rush to do C-sections if you get my meaning on that ladies!!


PJ said...

Please tell Corey we said Happy Birthday! You are definitely blessed with a wonderful man. We are so happy to call you guys are friends. I love the pics!

Andy's Bethy said...

I am so glad to have your man as a friend to my man, and to me as well. A lot of history has passed, and we look forward to the future with great anticipation.
Happy Birthday Corey. You are loved, my friend.

Karen said...

That was a sweet post! Loved the pictures...