Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still blessed...a year later!

It has been almost exactly a year since I posted this blog entitled "Blessed."

It was December 6th, 2007, when we discovered that Katie needed glasses. It was such an awesome day!

I also posted about another miracle (Blessed Again) when her glasses arrived the very next day when we were told it would be a week. She looked so adorable in her new glasses and the changes we saw so immediately were just amazing!

I also posted another update a couple of weeks later: HERE

Then, the next March, we went back to see how the glasses were helping and if her eyes had immediate improvement. We were astounded again when her vision had, in fact, improved dramatically in a short time. That is when I posted Katie's Eyes with the update. She wasn't seeing 20/20 with her glasses, they couldn't improve it to that point even with glasses because her vision was so bad, but you can read to see the improvements that occurred! The dr. said at that time that she may be able to acheive 20/20 with her glasses, at least in her good eye, by the one year mark.

Today, we went for a full year later check-up. The news was great!

Katie's vision in her "good" eye with her glasses is now between 20/30 and 20/25. She could do part of the 20/25 line! And, in her left (worse) eye, she is now 20/40 with her glasses! She was at 20/60 last time! (I am pretty sure that is right.)

She has been complaining of her head hurting and her eyes hurting some, so that is due to her reading so much. She absolutely is ALWAYS reading something unless we are watching a movie or eating as a family. She is a cereal box reader at breakfast! ha ha-just like mommy! The doctor said that is probably why her vision is improving so rapidly. Since she reads books with lots of words on the page she is having to focus her eyes and really exercise those still elastic eye muscles and is able to actually improve her vision!

I am just still so thrilled with everything. I am happy that her eyesight is getting better and better...and that we discovered the problem before she was too old to still exercise the muscles to improve her vision. I can't imagine if we had waited another year or two or five even-and had to just deal with the best we could do with glasses.

Since this time last year, Katie has gone from seeing the world every single day with 20/400 vision to seeing books and movies and flowers in 20/25-30 and 20/40!

That's why we are just SO STILL BLESSED and continue to be every day that she wakes up and is able to put on glasses and read the cereal box!!!!!

We were quite pleased as well that we were not going to have to pay for a new pair of glasses since her prescription is working fine...but...what do you think happened tonight? Her glasses got broken.How is that for irony? A full year later, I mean, those glasses survived being stuck down in a basketball goal a week after we got them (thanks to the ingenuity of our best local eagle scout friend we were able to fix them) and tonight as we were getting ready for bed she pulled them off her face and one of the earpieces came right off!!!

Corey is going out early tomorrow to see if we can get them fixed or if it would just be cheaper to let insurance get her a new pair. *sigh*
But hey, still blessed! At least it took a year...with a 5/6 year old that is pretty good I would say!


andysbethy said...

Oh, the irony! I can't believe they broke, TODAY, of all days... it is almost funny.
But, still, the blessings flow. I am so excited that her eyesight continues to improve, and I am thrilled that she is a cereal box reader like her Mommy (and her "Aunt" Bethany). God is so good - what else can we say?!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Carrie this is great news for your baby girl. So beautiful. I pray her eyes will improve and improve... and improve!

Also, can I ask about your template? Do you use scrapbooking templates or something different. I absolutely LOVE your site!!!