Friday, July 30, 2010

20 Days! (and other random stuff)

Can you see them??

Our neighbors invited us to come over and pick peaches off their tree today.
The tree was bent over all the way, partially due to all the peaches, and partially from the bad storm we had this week.

We got a bucket overflowing full!
Katie loved them, Noah tried his obligatory bite and passed on more.

I am not a huge fan of peaches, but these don't taste exactly like peaches you buy at the store. They are more crunchy and the flavor is very mild. I am thinking they need to sit a few days. I need to find some good recipes to try for all these now!

Our bird feeder is staying VERY busy!
Every morning, there are about 4-6 different birds (that we can actually see and tell apart anyway) that fly back and forth eating seeds.

We have a very good viewing spot from our couch in front of the window. But, my camera battery has been dead for a while and I can't find the charger when I think of it, so all these pictures are taken with my phone. (the ones above too). I think taking through the window really pushes the ability of my phone camera! ha ha.

I am not sure exactly what kinds of birds these are, but we will look them up soon in our bird guide. We also have to put bird seed on our shopping list because they finished it off this morning! For about 45 minutes or so, it is crazy busy...lots of flittering and flying, landing on the rail of the porch and the nearby bushes. At one point there were three birds perched around the edge on that bird feeder. Seems impossible!

And now...20 days!

We finished our TWENTIETH day of school today, and it gives me a complete sense of peace and accomplishment to have that already under our belt! Only 160 to go! ha ha.
It has been a very fun 4 weeks...and I am impressed with how much they have accomplished, as it has been a very productive month for learning new things.

Tomorrow, Corey and I have a "date day." This is where we are going....

We will be attending the Southeast Homeschool Expo at Cobb Galleria in Atlanta. We attended before we started homeschool the very first year, 2007, ...when Katie was 4 and Noah was 3. I can't believe it has been that long! Needless to say, it was very fun to go that year, but not a lot of the booths were relevant to our homeschool adventure at that time. ha ha. I am very thrilled to be going this year and I have previewed the exhibitor list to make note of companies I definitely want to check out while we are there. I also have a short list of workshops to attend.

I am so very thankful that Corey is going with me. He really seems interested in checking it out with me, and attending the workshops. I guess if he secretly doesn't want to, then he is doing a great job of pretending for my sake, ha!

I am very much looking forward to our day tomorrow and can't wait to see it all!


Jenn4him said...

Hello Carrie! Isn't that fun how you found me again. I still blog at Homeschoolblogger. Like you, I need more than one blog for all my creative energies! Those peaches look good. I know what you mean about the flavor. But when they are ripe, they are awesome.

Karen said...

If you decide to make peach ice me....

Anonymous said...

OMG we just found a peach tree @ Lowes for $4!! I sure hope it gives me some fruit next year!

Andy's Bethy said...

I guess I didn't read any blogs while I was "home". I am a whole week behind! Those peaches look fabulous. Have they ripened yet?