Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Week

It's been an entire week since I blogged and I guess it's because I have just been too tired to do much of anything at the end of the day.

We had a busy weekend last weekend..... a shopping trip to Costco, and came home to a broken air conditioner Sunday afternoon. We had to abandon ship Sunday night but were blessed enough to have it all fixed by Monday lunchtime. Which of course, got our school week off to a rocky start.

School has been taking more time than it has in the past. We've hit a road block with Math... something we're not used to around here so I really can't complain. I am sure we'll get back to moving right along with that soon.

Every night has been so full and rushed I just collapse into bed EXHAUSTED after we finally get the kids down.

I just can't explain how tired I am. Every time we leave the house the heat and humidity are just instantly takes everything in me to drive somewhere, get out, get back in the car, and just drive home..the heat is just horrendous!!!

So, that's it. Nothing exciting....nothing major.... just heat and hot and July: summer in the south. Glad we have school to keep us accomplishing *something* because otherwise we would be totally useless human beings right now! ha ha.


Karen said...

Counting down the days until fall....

Andy's Bethy said...

I really ought to start counting official school days, because we have been doing a lot lately too, simply because it has been too hot to do anything else. Thanks for the good idea. Unlike you, I don't need the "first day of school" memories... I will just start counting days, so we can be official.
Hope that math roadblock fixes itself!

Jan said...

Carrie, I do hope you have had time to catch up with yourself a little by now, and you aren't so tired.
Do take care.
Love and Hugs