Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First, um.... Second Day of School..... (now w/pics!)

One of my friends in particular, will be happy to see where we spent most of our school days the past two days...ha ha...on the couch! :) The kitchen table was used for some writing work too.
Side note discovery: magnet clips stick to the side of my cart! yay! the possibilities are endless!

I usually blog after our first day, but after the day we had yesterday, I was in no mood.
We were so excited and ready to start our day! I had everything ready, organized, and planned out.

But.... the day started with whining and a break down by Katie. Then it was followed with me not being able to find our first day of school papers that I had so neatly and proudly organized previously. I have the first nine weeks planned, filed, and ready, and I couldn't find day 1 among all the other week 1 stuff.

Cute little pencil boxes they decorated with their names.

Then...after lots of annoying setbacks (I'm hungry, I'm tired, I need a sip of water,etc.) we get ready for science..the most anticipated subject of the day.... and I didn't have the materials I needed. Ironic right? I order this science set that has ALL the supplies for the experiments, so I wasn't thinking. There are a very few things you do need to supply...and of course a soda bottle to make a recycled material bird feeder is one of them. :(

Funny, it was a lesson about birds and recycling, yet we had to go purchase a bottle of soda in order to even have a bottle to use! ha ha.

Since we weren't planning on going out I was aggravated that we had to all get dressed and ready to go buy this soda, so I decided we would go by the library while we were out and get some books about birds as we haven't been to the library since before our beach trip. We find our library book bag and head out, but I remember before we even get out of the driveway that the library was CLOSED for the holiday Monday! UGH UGH triple UGH!

We get the soda bottle anyway and head home. Right after we get home, Corey comes home early for the holiday as well and probably wishes he had just stayed at work, because there is just a house full of tired, cranky family here.


We did get the bird feeder made, and Corey finally got it hung (another ordeal in itself).

Dinner was great, we watched a new Spongebob, then finally time for BED!!!!

I didn't sleep well, but I was determined to have a better day. I had spent the early afternoon reorganizing my materials so today could go a little smoother.

And, it has.

First of all, there was NO tv allowed until after school work was finished for the day. I think that helped me go ahead and get started on everything. We also did our math lessons first which was a great switch as well. The transitions between their two lessons and individual time with me was a lot better and less crazy empty time for them to get restless (distracted, playing) in between getting their work done.

I guess after three years of picture perfect first days of school, we are allowed one that didn't go as well. But- day two went great, so bring on the remaining 178, we are ready!

I picked up these two tiny composition books for doing spelling practice in. I thought they would like something that was a little different for writing in and they actually do! They are working on putting their spelling words in alphabetical order, then writing them in their little notebooks.

I had the first letter already written on the page for Noah to help him out since he hasn't really learned abc order yet.


Karen said...

I am glad today went better for everyone...we could have given you an empty soda bottle.....

Andy's Bethy said...

I am sorry, but that is hilarious! Especially after I was just there and we went through all of your beautifully organized stuff. The irony is just too fabulous - you have to laugh.
I am sorry it was bad, but at least it was only one day, you figured out how to make it better, and you are off to a better week already.
Have fun!