Wednesday, April 30, 2008

67th post...

My "high school friend" that is linked on the left over there just posted her 600th post! I cannot imagine....but I have posted a lot this week, so maybe I will hit the 100 before I hit a year of blogging ha ha!

I am writing to say that I just can't get over how well Katie is reading! She is awesome! And it has been so fast!!!! She reads EVERYTHING now...which is good....and can be annoying as well. It is much more difficult to read a book to her now...especially a certain series that we have. Katie LOVES these books we have about teaching them how to behave. The series is called "Teach me to be good" (I think,) the author is Joy Berry, I know that for sure. Anyway, the titles of the books are things like "Let's Talk About Teasing" or "Being Helpful" or "Let's Talk About Interrupting." They are okay books, but Katie just loves to read them, Noah too actually. They always pick one when we are sitting down to read together. To be honest, they are kind of repetitive (they all follow a similar pattern of writing of course) and well....boring. But they teach a good message and believe it or not they really stick with them! The problem is, that I have always read them to them and have kind of "paraphrased" what a page might say (they can get a little drawn out sometimes). Also, on each page there is a cartoon with speech bubbles making funny commentary on the subject. Sometimes I would skip some of the speech bubbles because sometimes they make jokes that my kids just aren't old enough to get yet.
WELL...the days of shortening these books are GONE!!!!! LONG AND DRAWN OUT AND BORING we have to read EVERY SINGLE WORD because Katie "notices" if I try to skip or paraphrase....."That's not what it says" she says. She also notices when I "edit" the books. Sometimes they will say "dumb" or "stupid" (old books) and I would change it to "silly" or something.....No longer can I get by with silly.
Oh, when things were simpler...ha ha! It is truly a life changing experience to now live with a child who is a reader. She now actually calls things by their true name. For example, instead of wanting to watch "the Bible songs show" as a non-reading child would have called the singing DVD we have, she will request, "When we get home can we watch the Bible Toons DVD (it's official cover name)?"
It just sounds older....she is older....5 1/2 now!
Right now they are playing Wii. Noah is the contoller operator and Katie is the reading navigator. To think of what they can now accomplish with their forces combined! ha ha!
Oh What Fun!
And for more fun, check out the poll that I posted today concerning reading to children. I will be interested in the results. (you can choose more than one answer, but don't be annoying and choose all of them)

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andysbethy said...

I am starting to freak out about the kids getting older. It really does happen too fast! I love that Katie won't let you edit the books anymore. That is just funny. I can still get away with that, because when I am ready to Canaan, he is not paying attention to the words, only the pictures. When he is doing the reading, he is still trying to pay more attention to the pictures then the words!