Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day Three Today...and a GREAT recipe!

Well, I am sitting here getting ready for day three, and SO happy that we homeschool!!! We decided that on Thursdays we will have a late-start day, since we are out at church late on Wednesday nights. We will start today at 10am.

Our second day of school was AWESOME! We caught up on everything we didn't get done on Tuesday and finished all of yesterday's work as well. The kids were great and worked so hard! We had a great day and I am excited about doing it again today!

On another note: I prepared a really great chicken dish for dinner yesterday and it is super easy! It is called Cheesy Chicken Subs. It is a Taste of Home recipe that I cut out of a magazine probably a couple of years ago actually, but I just now tried it. Click HERE for the recipe and photo. I followed all the ingredients precisely, but I put mine in a slow cooker instead. It cooked for about 3 hours on high and then 1 hour on low and it was fantastic...a very good combo of tastes. It has chicken (cut into strips), olive oil, a pack of Italian dressing dry mix, I used a can of mushrooms,and half a red onion sliced very thinly. After all that cooks you put it on a sub roll, top it with some swiss cheese and toast it till the cheese melts. Mmmmmmm......

update: so I just previewed my post and tried the link to be sure it worked....WHY would they put the nutritional info right there next to the recipe?! ha ha ! They could at least put it has a link where you could choose to look if you want! Well, I just ate a half sandwich, so I guess that's a little bit better!

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Corey said...

Just wanted to say that the sammich is good, but not as good as advertised. There you go.