Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First day of school!

I feel compelled to write SOMETHING about our first day of school, though I am absolutely about to fall asleep while sitting here and still have a list of things to get ready for tomorrow!

We hosted our Open House last night and it was so much fun! Our new student came over with her parents and brother to check out the classroom and share some goodies to eat. They ended up staying late as my husband and the dad of our student got busy playing guitar and we were enjoying our visit so much that bath and bedtime didn't happen until 11:00 or so! BUT, the good thing about homeschool is that we were able to just decide when they left that we would just start at 9am this morning instead of 8 to give the kids some extra sleep time! :)

It wasn't difficult to get them awake though, but by about 11am it was already catching up with them....so...needless to say our angels weren't on their very best today, though I needed a day anyway to see just how the logistics of having three pupils versus two would change the balance in the homeschool realm. It wasn't very hard though, and it was actually very nice for my two to have the company of the other student. It definitely kept my son's attention span engaged a little longer to have another preschooler doing the same thing he was doing. I think this will be a great situation for all of us...and hey....my house will have to be at least presentable in the mornings four days a week now, so that will be great motivation for me as well!!!

We didn't keep with the "schedule" I had made, and we didn't get everything "done" that was on the plan, but we did have fun and we did learn some new things, so that is what matters, right? I don't have pictures, but I actually need to clear it with our new student's mom before I post any pictures on here. I have actually been considering switching to a new blog provider just to be able to do the password access for pictures...or maybe making this one protected altogether...we will see.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick run-down of our day. If this comes across as sounding less than exciting, it is only because I am so tired I cannot hold my eyes open! The day continued with a visit to the dr., a decision to NOT take the kids out in the 100 degree weather so I could walk/run, and a very early dinner, bath, and bedtime. Now down to the classroom to get things ready for tomorrow, and hopefully a full night's sleep for me as well! Tune in for an update tomorrow....

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andysbethy said...

Congrats on your first day. I really need to get started too. Sounds like you are all learning as you go, which is the absolute perfect way to do it! I am excited for you and the start of you wonderful new school year.