Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Katie....(and Noah)

The other day we were in the car...I think it was on our way to Mellow Mushroom after Noah's soccer game...
Anyway...we are driving down the road and Katie says, "My homeschool teacher is SO silly!"

?!!?!?!?!? ha ha haha! Corey says, "You mean your mom?"

And she said, "yes!" and just giggled! I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Then...tonight we are playing a Cranium brand game called Balloon Lagoon. Cranium makes THE best kid's board games ever, by the way, even Corey and I don't hate playing them (like, uh the never-ending Chutes and Ladders or impossible Cootie). So, they have been playing for a while, and Katie gets the last 4 balloons she needs to fill up her little animal moving piece. She says, "I won, yay, I won!" and Noah argues, "No, you didn't!!!!!"

Katie does not argue. She does not cry...she doesn't do anything, except....
She gets the instruction sheet out of the game box, opens it up, and spreads it in front of Noah, pointing to the square on the page titled: "How to win."

"See? I do win," she states very matter-of-factly.

HA! Anyone reading this who has ever played a board game with myself or my parents, will find this so amusing! We are DEFINITE rule-abiders around here and Katie has learned from the best. Any time it is game night with the Addis family, it doesn't matter if it is Uno, you can bet the rules are going to be consulted AT LEAST once during the course of the evening! :)

Corey was not impressed, however. He just said, "Good grief!" as I am sure hours of rule-reading while playing games with his own family flashed before his eyes.

I am so proud of her! I mean, really, you can't argue with the rules!

One more Katie AND Noah story. I guess they are really learning some of what we go over every week at school. We have been having a character ed. word of the week. We recite a definition and Bible verse each day that goes together for character ed. Well, tonight when we were praying together after devotional time, it is Noah's turn to pray and he ends his with, "and help us to be grateful for the things we hope for." To which Katie picked up on and corrected in HER prayer time: "Help us to be sure of what we do not see." A little confused, but good things to pray for anyway!

Here is what they got that from:

Our word of the week this week is thankfulness: the definition is: showing gratefulness with words and actions.
Word of the week two weeks ago: Faith: the Bible verse was "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of what we do not see."

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