Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Zoo!

We took an impromptu visit to the zoo a couple of weekends ago with my parents. Literally, we had just been to the track to run and when we left I was on my way to Cartersville to look for some new running shoes and I called my mom, she said, "hey we are in Kennesaw and wondered if you wanted to go to the zoo today," so we just got on 75 and went to the zoo! With no bags, water, etc. I was still wearing my running clothes, therefore I wasn't in very many pictures! :) I am making a funny face in the one picture I am in, but oh well. Here are TONS of pictures from our trip to the zoo!


Anonymous said...

We've been planning on going for a while (haven't been since my oldest was 2) My youngest has never been. We're trying to use going as a reward for not having potty accidents (at night).

Love your pics!

Southern Wife said...

Fun!! We can't wait until Liam is old enough for the zoo. And yeah...blogging has been near about impossible lately, though I have 2 in draft waiting to be finished. One last note - I opened your blog and Come By Me started playing and I just LOVE that song and it made me happy, so yay, thanks!!!!

Kandace said...

I love spur of the moment trips, they seem to work out great!

I have been enjoying this blog, and the new one - what homeschoolers like! I am a homeschooling mom of two precious kids. boy 10 and girl 8 yesterday!

Just thought I would say hello. I got your blog info from Just for homeschooling families.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures....I love going to the Zoo. We haven't made our yearly trip yet hopefully next month.

Blessings, Tammy

andysbethy said...

Man, the Flamingo picture was so deja vu. I think we took that exact same picture, several times over the years when I was growing up! For some reason, Flamingo's are the epitome of the zoo for me! I LOVE the picture of Katie with the elephant statue and the super close-up of Noah on the playground. Also, don't take this the wrong way, but I think you look great in your work out clothes! Those are some nice looking, strong exercising legs you got there girl! Be proud!
Thanks for posting the pics. Zion has never been to the zoo, so I really need to plan a trip. You want to go again, maybe in October?