Saturday, August 23, 2008

Noah's First Soccer Game!

It was so fun.....ny! ha ha!
First of all, there was a mix-up with the color shirts we were supposed to wear, so our team had to wear the blue jersey thingees..ha ha! Then...the team we were playing today had the best coach ever I think, so they were all playing "positions" and he kept saying stuff like "defense" and we are like, "what?!" ha ha!
At this age we don't get referees, don't keep score, no goalie (though we nearly elected ourselves one before it was over! :)) so the coaches can be on the field and I think the other coach really had a big laugh over us when it was all said and done! Actually, what he said at the end was: "I have been there before, with the all 4 year old team, and you just get stomped all season! ha ha!"
They had so much fun though, and that's what is important! Noah is such a great team player! He never stops, is always paying attention to what is going on and is very encouraging to his team! He was even yelling stuff to the team from the was so cute! Here are the pictures:

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Corey said...

He was awesome in his first game! He is the man!