Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cabins for Me! (Or you!)

A friend of mine from church came across my blog just a bit too late!

Apparently, they have a cabin rental company that rents in the Smoky Mountains area. AND, she said their cabins are NICE and CLEAN!

So, you can bet who we will be calling the next time we want a cabin in the moutains! Our good friends at Cabins For You! Oh, how we wish we had known!!!

Take a second to look at their website and book mark it so you have a good place to start the next time you want to head out for a nice mountain retreat! I saw that they actually have giveaways for their rentals as well. Visitors write-up about their stay...and the stories are so great! You have to read the winning entry from the last contest...SO sweet!

Click here: Cabins for You


andysbethy said...

Those cabins look great, and the story about the fake wedding was hilarious!!! What fun. All this talk about vacations.... I think I need one!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the post. Its perfect!