Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just thoughts...

It is allergy season for our house! I have concluded that we must suffer from ragweed allergies because that is what is posted on the pollen alert for this time of year. Noah is coughing, and Katie started running a fever today.(and didn't EAT lunch!!!)..which is very odd odd. She isn't having coughing or sneezing, so it could be totally unrelated, but who knows? I have a little lump in my throat as well.
I have decided that this bout with allergies has about 2 days to clear out because we have a trip planned (notice the counter over there) and we are going to be well by then.
How will we accomplish this?
Well, currently all our bedding is being washed to rid it of any pollen/allergens that have rubbed off from hair after being outside. We have the kettle out to quickly brew hot green tea and we are stocked up on local honey to add to our tea for a little boost of immunity (not scientifically proven, but has worked for us!). We have a freshly replaced air filter on the air conditioner unit. The front door is closed and will only be opened when necessary.(ha ha) We are not having soccer practice this week (thus avoiding the always freshly cut field of GRASS we practice on). We are drinking lots of water and will get lots of sleep.
Not sure if all of those things are related to avoiding allergy problems, but I am trying to think of everything that I can that MIGHT even help. I very much dislike dealing with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose, but that is nothing compared to dealing with a child with those symptoms...and that is nothing to compared to dealing with a child with those symptoms...AT NIGHT!

I am wondering if we might should invest in an air purifier for our basement classroom for the fall/winter/spring months. any thoughts?

Also, here's another story about Katie. This morning when she woke up she told me: "I had the most pleasant dream."
And I said, "really, about what?"
And she said, "I dreamed my name was Annie."
?!?! It took me a while, but I finally thought of an Annie...the one from an audio book we got from Chick-fil-a..."Dolphins at Daybreak" from the Magic Treehouse Stories.
She also had another interesting dream while camping apparently...she told her Nana that she had a good dream about "talking quietly."
She is unique!


Marcy said...

That Katie is something else! I am sure she is very fun to be around! I always take Airborne when I feel like I am getting sick. Also, it might help if you vacuum your mattresses, maybe even tumble your pillows in the dryer. I really do think that local honey will help you build up immunities to your local allergens!

I have tagged you on my blog. If you have a minute, check out my "meme" and then do it yourself if you can! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Don't I know about alergies. My laundry is in the wash right now, also. All the bedding and stuff that was worn over the weekend from being outside at the park! My little one gets asthma real bad if the allergies aren't controlled. It can be hard... and a lot of work.


Southern Wife said...

Did you eat local honey when you were pregnant with the kids? I had a lot of people tell me to do that and I think it definitely works! I use Airborne too, but are there restrictions on that for children? Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

andysbethy said...

You have now been tagged three times. Check it out girly. Good luck with the sick one. I love the local honey. We do that too...
Talk to you tomorrow!