Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Excited!

We are so excited at our house today! We are having Katie's SIXTH Birthday party tonight! Corey and I were up till 12:30 cleaning and decorating since we won't have time today with school and ballet this afternoon and picking up the cake.

She is having a Tinkerbell birthday party. Her actual birthday is next Tuesday, the 28th, so I will save the slideshow until then, but I will probably get pictures of the party up tonight or tomorrow.

She is SO excited! Her daddy picked up a giant birthday balloon that is Tinkerbell and it talks when you tap it. A total splurge (I skipped buying it at the grocery store yesterday, but of course Daddy had to go get it!). So...the house is ready, the balloons are ready to go on the mailbox and we have a very excited birthday girl (and mommy!) I can't believe Katie Grace is turning 6!

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