Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Times!!!

Bethany was getting a little too wild at 2am...showing off skin..scandalous!

Our dear friends, Andy and Bethany got to come over last night! We just don't get to hang out with them enough....though Bethany is here fairly regularly, it had been since May that the four of us had gotten together to hang out...actually before then because the last time in May we were working on our floors and they came by to help for a little bit...ON Bethany's birthday-ha!

Anyway, it was so fun to have fun! We played Apples to Apples...for a really long time...and laughed till we cried or almost peed our pants! ha ha!!!! You can always tell you're having fun if you laugh till you cry!
Some of the topics for the evening included:
-Gregory Peck
-Dumb things they did in high school (they=the guys)
-Some woman who has the worst plastic surgery ever
-Taco Bell
-agressive turkey basting techniques
-our kids (of course!)
-really these don't seem very funny now, but my mind is a little fuzzy still!
So, about 1:45-2am I remembered that I wanted to take some silly pictures of all of us, though we were almost past the point of being cooperative, you can always count on the guys to ham it up.

Bethany's camera died after a few, but here are a couple I took before my camera also died. Our husbands are so ridiculous, but I guess that's partly why we love them!

We love you Andy and Bethany!!!! You are the best to hang out with! I am sorry you were out so late since you have to drive to SC for a wedding today!!!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Those boys are crazy!! Looks and sounds like y'all had fun!!

Daniel & Heidi Hicks said...

How fun...late at night is when i get the silliest also, especially when you don't stay up that late that often!!! Good times with o'l friends is the best!!
By the way, i love your music on your blog!!! I just go to your blog and let your music run for background sometimes!! Love it!!!

andysbethy said...

That was an absolutely hilarious night. We always have such fun with you guys, but for some reason, it is funnier the later we stay up! I guess we just get crazy if we stay up too late!
Hopefully it won't be as long between fun nights again next time.

Marcy said...

It looks like y'all had a great time! I am glad that you were all able to get together.

Kelsey and Travis said...

You guys are all so cute!!! I love seeing Andy and Corey together they are seriously hilarious. Happy belated birthday to Katie1