Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disney On Ice!

Well, it's 11am. I just finished eating breakfast and uploading our pictures! ha ha!

We slept in this morning, and YAY-Noah slept until almost 10 this morning! We all got in the bed about midnight-thirty. But we had a BLAST at Disney on Ice last night!

We stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for an early dinner on the way, then went on to Phillips Arena. We were early, so we hung out at the Food Court for a second and got Katie changed into her Tinkerbell costume, which drew compliments from EVERYONE she saw. I would say about a third of the little girls there were dressed up and Katie was thrilled...she said "everyone looks at me surprised!" So, thank you, grandparents, the costume was a huge hit at the show!

We went up to the "Princess Pre-Show" which featured beautiful displays of Princess dresses. Then it was time for cotton candy and finding our seats. You know you are going to pay a premium for cotton candy at these events, but at least they throw in a foam hat with it! ha ha. Another cool thing....the bags of cotton candy had moist towelettes in them! How cool and smart is that?!

The show was great!!! Katie was absolutely thrilled to see The Little Mermaid and she sung along with the songs...all the parts were great. Noah loved seeing Cars and they both loved The Lion King segment. The Tinkerbell part was really cool...the songs from that movie seem to have an Irish feel to them, as do the characters. We haven't seen it or heard the songs before so that part wasn't "AS" cool as the other parts, but still fun. It had parts where the characters "flew" across the sky on the cable things, so that was fun.

Overall it was a lot of fun and a perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

I also included some pictures of Noah at his first day of "Little Dribblers"...his basketball "class." He really enjoyed it. They learning to dribble using "spider" fingers and worked on passing and catching. It is a great introduction to the sport for his age!

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We are going to Disney on Ice this week- surprising the kiddos!
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