Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Honor Roll!

We gave out report cards today and I am proud to say that all three of my students are on Honor Roll this nine weeks!

Did anyone laugh? Shame on you!

Of course my children are on honor roll, you might say, I'm their teacher AND their mom. Well, I am two of the students' mom anyway.

Is it fair that I am their mom and I get to give them an "honor roll" certificate?
That I get to fill in their report card?

Well, if I am honestly trying to do the best thing for my children, then yes it is totally fair.

Why would I give them an "A" when they didn't deserve it? I mean, who is going to see the report card anyway? Who would benefit from their getting an A if they didn't deserve it?

THEY are going to see the report card. That is why it matters to me to record it. They can look at and be proud of their efforts as displayed on the report and on their honor roll certificate.

Why should they NOT receive something signifying that they did their very best and achieved greatly on their work for nine weeks.

Another point..... Won't they just get all "As" all the time since their mom is the teacher?

Who knows? I anticipate that they will learn everything they are supposed to learn this year...and when and if they don't....then we stop and wait until they do, so it is very likely that this year they WILL receive all As on their report card. This is just one huge advantage to homeschooling....we don't go on until they get it. That means success.

Is that unfair to children in a public school classroom where the teacher has to move on even if everyone doesn't get it?
I don't think so. That's why I chose to do it myself. One on one tutoring equals very high chances of Honor Roll.

I don't expect that they will always get everything all the time. They are at an age now where they don't really "do" tests in the traditional way...where they study then do a test for a grade. So, right now we are enjoying the luxury of my being involved with all lessons therefore we keep on until they "get it".

I am VERY proud of them...they are working hard and learning a lot this year! You can see their names posted on our school website (PEACE Academy) to the right. Feel free to leave a comment to congratulate them for their success!


Anonymous said...

I smiled all the way through the post. What fun... and I TOTALLY agree with you!!!

Not sure what "a group" means on facebook. Can you explain it to me? What does it mean? Is it another page that I have to go to read? Does it lump everyone together and then I have to go check in it every day? You can e-mail me:


andysbethy said...

Andy wants me to say "My kid beat up your honor student"... like those stupid bumper stickers. So, I humored him.
Now it is my turn. You know that I homeschool in a very different fashion then you do, but I can totally agree with you on several key points. One of the greatest joys of homeschooling is that you can do it your way, at your own pace, in the way that helps your child learn the best. If it makes you happy to make "honor roll" certificates, well then go for it! Personally, I would probably die of laughter while trying to fill them out, but I so completely adore the fact that you do it! That is part of why I love you so much. We compliment each other so well, since we are so different, yet alike in the ways that truly matter! Congratulations to your little honor students!

andysbethy said...

I forgot to say, I LOVE your "thought to ponder" for this week! FABULOUS!

mom0ktdid said...

Well, just to point out....not so much that it made "me" happy to fill out my should have seen the look on their faces (all three) when I gave them their certificates and we all clapped for them. It didn't just make them made them PROUD of working hard.
*now...we will have to get andy a bumper sticker made! ha ha!*

By the way, I love that we are so different in the way we homeschool. It totally and completely removes any pressure to out-do each other! ha ha ha! I won't stress over not going with the flow like you do, and you won't stress about not having an hourly schedule! opposites attract (and get along!)
I know my brother will probably make fun of my certificates, I saw that Macon visited today and no comment, so I guess if he didn't have anything nice to say... ha ha*