Friday, October 3, 2008

When the world of make-believe fails...

So, I was listening to the kids play with the kitchen playset. They were "cooking" food for each other, typical stuff, etc.
Apparently Katie had made a "jelly-roll" for Noah (first of all, where would she have heard of, experienced a jelly-roll anyway, but that is not the point), and Noah, in typical Noah style, would not give the jelly-roll a single thought and would NOT try it.
Katie was trying to convince him to try the jelly roll, she said, "It is the most wonderful tasty treat in the world!"

Noah just looked at her and replied, "Katie, that is a mabnet." He has trouble saying "magnet" for some reason...and he has a cold.

So matter of fact. She had used a magnet letter as the "jelly roll." I guess he really didn't want to try a jelly roll.


Corey said...

That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

So creative and cute! Got to love kids!


andysbethy said...

That is so Noah. He won't even try a pretend food, huh?
I do wonder where Katie heard of a Jelly-roll? That is pretty great that she remembered it, created it, and served it to her brother. Such a good big sister! I am proud.