Friday, November 28, 2008

ABCs and 123s

I am on a 45 minute break between shopping sessions and need something to keep me I am finally doing the "tag" that Bethany tagged me on probably more than a week ago!

The Topic is: 5 things you love...I decided to go with an "F" theme because that's just what I thought of first, some serious, some we go:

1. Friends! It's just great to be with friends...laughing, hanging out...being yourself!

2. Family! God's greatest creation!

3. Faithfulness!! Isn't is good to just be able to depend on God...your spouse....your family? I love that my people are faithful and I am blessed that my God is faithful!

4. French Fries! YUM! All varieties...McD, Zaxby's, Steak and Shake...all great fries! Good anytime!

5. Fall! Just the best time!

K, the other thing I wanted to do was the "ABCs of Thankfulness like Bethany did...but I just realized that my brain is too fried for A-Z thinking right nevermind!

Have a good night!

1 comment:

andysbethy said...

Very cute! That was a good idea, to stay awake in the middle of the night... good plan!