Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Sewing with Carrie

I did it! I sewed!

I have been meaning to blog about the awesome sewing machine I recently inherited from Corey's grandmother. They are clearing out all their belongings and getting ready to move, so they are passing along things they don't want to take with them. Corey's grandmother is a very talented seamstress and has collected a lot of sewing supplies throughout the years. She actually had several sewing machines and I was blessed to have one passed along to me!! I have had it for a couple of months now probably, and just now have gotten around to making something.

Here is a picture of the sewing machine. It is nicely displayed in my new "sewing corner" in my bedroom. The desk was inherited from Corey's great grandad who recently passed away. It is a beautiful desk and it just perfect for this use!!

Here is a picture of the material which was also passed along with the machine. Three HUGE plastic containers filled with tons of beautiful material! Corduroy, polyester, cottons, blends, etc...all kinds of prints and patterns. Wow...I have NO excuse right?!
Here is a picture of the drawer holding all the little extras that were also passed along to me....thread and more thread (including embroidery thread for the embroidery attachment!), measuring tape, scissors, buttons, zippers, extra needles for the machine, and more....and beside the drawer is a large cutting board also passed down. I can't remember now if this was also Corey's great-grandmother's...I want to get all that specific information again so I can record it somewhere. It is great to be set up for a great hobby that will be fun and useful, but even more awesome that all this stuff is special because it has been passed down from a previous generation. Supplies that were used to create clothes and toys for my husband and his mom...

And HERE is a picture of my first ever sewing project! I made a pillow for the living room using some dark brown corduroy. It definitely has....character! ha ha! Unfortunately, I forgot about the cutting board in my enthusiasm to get to working on something finally, so the cutting out process wasn't very precise, therefore the pillow isn't exactly a perfect square. AND, since I have absolutely no experience sewing, the finishing up of the pillow after it was stuffed definitely could be better. But, I am very proud of really adds to the couch to have an accessory, and I can't wait to try making more with the other shades of brown corduroy I have. It really made a pretty pillow, the photo I don't think does it justice...the color is very pretty.


Anonymous said...

The pillow is so pretty. Can I come over next Sunday for a sewing class? I have a sewing machine and have never touched it - I never learned how to sew... HELP!.


ktwalden said...

Your pillow looks great! I am sure you will have so much fun in the years to come making things for your home and your family. I know my Mother would have to be thrilled that someone in the family has finally shown an interest in sewing.

Marcy said...

I am impressed with your pillow! Was it hard to sew through that fabric? I have only ever made one thing with my sewing machine - a big long pillow on my hope chest that my cats sleep on. I need to get it out and make something new!

andysbethy said...

I am so proud! I think it looks great Carrie! We will have to do a group sewing lesson sometime. I remember doing that when I was a kid, so we will have to do that too. My boys are going to learn to sew, and they are going to like it... so there. Actually, Canaan thinks it is fun right now, so you should introduce Noah now, while he is still young!
Anyway, I think that is a fabulous "first attempt". You are a natural. Can't wait to see more!

Jessica said...

Your pillow looks great! That is about the only thing that I know how to make as well. The embroidery thing sounds cool. It would be great for putting your kids names on their stuff.