Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Buyer's Remorse....

Ah the emotions of a 27 hour day!!!!

My experience started yesterday morning at 6:30...when Noah woke up crying and had to be fussed over and brought into our bed where he tossed and turned until 7:30 and then I was able to sleep until 8:30. At 8:30 we got up to get ready to drive to Newnan for Thanksgiving lunch. We stayed there until 2:30 or so and then we headed back home to do dinner at Cracker Barrel. Well, after that we came home and I finalized plans for my outlet adventure.

Me and three of my friends arrived to our local outlet center at around 10:30pm to join the line of people waiting among the "first 300" to get a bag with free pajamas and goodies. At midnight the line started moving and we were able to get our bags. The nightshirt was pretty cute, but the other goodies not as much...just some coupons and a Vitamin Water and Fuze. ha.
I have to say, the standing in line for an hour and a half wasn't truly that bad, especially with fun people to pass the time with...but I cannot believe how many people were out during the time we were there, with their very young children with them! Come on people!!!

Anyway, we then spent until about 3am browsing around the outlet stores. Gymboree had their kids pjs for $5.99. We all found some and stood in a thirty minute line to check out. No kidding! The line was completely wrapped around the store. Needless to say we ALL found more stuff besides our original awesome deal! First buyer's remorse!!! I got really cute outfits for the kids to wear in their holiday picture and to gatherings though!

Second buyer's remorse: NOT buying something. The GAP outlet had their sweaters for 50% off. I really should have gotten one. I was trying to actually buy Christmas stuff though and didn't want to get it for myself. The thing is though...I have lost 30 pounds since last Christmas and my pants and shirts are all huge! With the exception of 1 pair of jeans I bought this summer and some tee shirts, I really don't have clothes that fit. They actually had nice, soft, long fitting and crew necked sweaters. I can't remember the last time I found that combo in a sweater. I usually have to compromise on the length (show my back in the back, you know what I mean!) or the neckline...scoop low cut or something. *sigh* I am really really regretting not buying at least one of those sweaters!!!

Third buyer's remorse: NOT buying something else. Old Navy had their jeans (incorrectly) marked 50% off. They were taking the signs down, but had to honor anyone who already had them in line. I could have had another pair of pants that would actually fit well for $14.75. Should have gotten a pair! Agh!

Fourth buyer's/shoppers remorse: Arriving home at 3:30am and leaving again and 4:20am to head back out to shop! ha ha! It was fun at the time and I guess I was running on adrenaline, but when it was 11:00am and I was just heading home to rest, it was a pretty rough time!!!!!

My mom and I met at our local Toysrus because it was a good location and parked my car so I could go out to Wal-Mart and K-Mart for some doorbusters. The line at Toysrus was backed all the way across the entire parking lot!
We hit up Walmart first where all the deals were gone before we got there, then to K-Mart where she was able to get everything she wanted to get. So, that was good. I just had still not bought anything I needed for the kids, so we then blitzed through Toysrus (nothing good enough to stand in line for) and then to the Dollar Tree. Our local Dollar Tree always has some cute stuff for stockings. Then back to Wal-Mart after the crowds had cleared to do more stocking stuffer shopping. Oh, somewhere in there we ate the Chick-fil-a breakfast buffet! YUM!

I got home and laid down to rest for a couple of hours and I am thinking when I get out my Wal-Mart bag there may be some yet to come buyer's remorse....ha ha! I really had wanted to head down to the Disney Store to get some tees for the kids to wear to Disney and I still haven't made it to Target!!!! I can say though, that there is no way I would have survived Kennesaw today!!!

Oh husband also did his own shopping while I was out. Sitting on the couch next to the kids he was able to get some good deals from Amazon.

So, there you go...that was my 27 hour holiday shopping experience. It really was a lot of fun, but just one of those things you KNOW you are going to regret doing, but go for it anyway!!!!


Michelle said...

glad you got the free PJ's!!!!!

andysbethy said...

That was a fun night. I still haven't caught up on my sleep though...
Hey, I was up at the outlet mall tonight, returning some of my buyers remorse purchases, and many of the GAP items were still on sale. You should go up there after church tomorrow and see if your sweater is still on sale.