Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Year's Resolutions: Revisited

Well, if you want to feel like a failure, let's start revisiting those New Year's Resolutions you made at the beginning of 2008....HA! Here are mine....

1. Get out of debt!

Well...we're not out of debt. We have been more "aware" though. We have actually saved for big purchases rather than just buying them....but a good bit of debt is still there...which isn't exactly the correct way to do things. We have to be more disciplined...

2. Keep the house out of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome*).

I am very proud of us with this...though I am not sure it is really to our credit! We have done tons better since we finished our flooring project. Also, since we have another student coming over our house is truly presentable 99% of the time. But, you really don't want to ring our doorbell on that other 1% of the time!!!!

3. Eat dinner at home 6 out of 7 days per week!

Well....I would say we are at about 5 out of 7 on this one. Not exactly on par, but not too shabby either!

4. Stop biting my fingernails.

I did this for a couple of weeks, then decided long nails were more bothersome...ha!

5. Eat healthy.

I was a cheater on that one...I took a pill and lost 30 pounds (I know...cheater!) so now I am eating healthier just because I established the habit of eating much smaller portions. As for the "content" of my's better...but really we don't eat "terrible" for you things that often is mostly portion control. I HAVE been taking a vitamin every single day though..a good habit I established while taking the diet thing...I had to at that point so now it is a habit that I am very proud of...and doing well with my kids and daily vitamins as well.

6. Make an effort to be joyful about household chores.

Doing better.... This is hard! Our current Bible study may help with this too...(Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

7. Do a Bible study devotion with Corey 5 days every week.

NOT successful....totally ashamed!

8. Finish the scarves I started knitting for Katie and Noah.

Pretty much done!!! WOO HOO! Just finishing left...adding embellishments. Now, if we could just FIND Katie's again so I can finish it completely (she started playing with hers when it was off the needles, so who knows where it is?!)

9. Learn to sew and make a curtain for Noah's toy shelf.

I have, kind of, learned to sew. I haven't made the curtains, but I did JUST make a pillow this past weekend.

10. If I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! (The most difficult one to keep of all I do believe!) The only way I see to accomplish this is to just NOT be around certain people, or to come prepared with plenty of things to daydream about while I am around them so that I don't pay attention to anything they are saying. Or perhaps I can work on my attitude.

Really and truly, I have done better on this one. God is helping me. On a slightly different note, but similar, I am trying to do this with my thoughts as well. I have truly been better at looking toward the positive side on things. Especially in the last couple of days :) Trying to focus on the big scheme of life and "keep on keeping on" and trying to not get down in the dumps like I used to do so often. God doesn't want me to sit around and "fret"...He wants me to be busy! So, I am very much trying to do that!

#11: Recycle.

Oh, we had such good intentions!!!! I think that if we had cancelled our trash service pickup then this one would be so much easier, because then we would be going out anyway. I think we need to do that, maybe I can talk to Corey about it. Our church is ON THE SAME ROAD as the recycling center/trash drop it wouldn't be that difficult...just a little extra work, and isn't that what sacrifice is all about? (perhaps a little different sort of sacrifice...but if you truly believe it is the right thing to do....) Hmmm...something to think about.

So, there you have it. Three out of eleven complete successes, a few "working on it"s and a couple of complete failures. I'd say that's just about how life goes, huh?! I will be pondering over these things the next few weeks...trying to decide what goals might be in store for me next year...


Kim said...

Hello -

Surfing and ran across your post. Congratulations, three out of 11 is a great success record. Most folks make resolutions then forget about them. I try to make just one big resolution and a few smaller ones and find this works really well.

I also started blogging everyday in an effort to stay on track with my resolutions, and IResolveTo.Com grew out of my efforts. Drop by sometime, it's a great way to share information and stay committed!


andysbethy said...

I think you are more successful then you think. You are well are you way to being done with the scarves, so I think that one counts! I think you are doing great at "don't say anything at all"... at least around me. And who cares about fingernails anyway? Read your devotions with Corey, and start recycling better and you will be perfect!
Love ya!!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Wow, I never even make New Years Resolutions, because I know I won't keep them, so you are better than me!!