Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girls' Trip!

Bethany and I had so much fun on our trip! I really thought I had taken more pictures than this, but I guess many of them are on her camera, so I will be eager to get those soon!
You can read Bethany's post about the trip here....
We got there just in time to take a quick look around the room and make a sandwich before heading to the bus and the Christmas party. The hotel really did smell incredibly great!
All of the pictures from our night at Magic Kingdom are on Bethany's camera because her camera is small and we wanted to carry as little as possible with us.
We rode some rides, Bethany talked me into doing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...which wasn't terrible, but my eyes were closed the entire time!
Anyway, the party was really fun and the park was beautiful all decorated for Christmas. Unfortunately, Bethany's camera battery died and we didn't get any pictures of the actual "Christmas" part...the parade, fireworks, or special show. But, we did ride everything we wanted, had a free meal given to us because of a mistake with the order (two meals for $7 woo hoo!) and enjoyed plenty of delicious hot chocolate, cookies, and apple juice!
The next day we got up and walked around the resort. Then we went out to find Sweet Tomatoes and Target. It rained really hard while we were at Target so we ended up spending more time there than we had planned. Oh, we also went to an outlet briefly, but it was full of stores we don't really care for...
Anyway....after that we found the Animal Kingdom Lodge and walked around there for about an hour. It is GORGEOUS! We saw some animals, but since it was dark they don't really show up well on the camera. When we got back to the hotel we walked down to the Boardwalk area and watched two different fireworks shows. Pretty cool....walked around the area and just talked...
The next day we went to Downtown Disney for souvenir shopping and to meet up with Marcy and Scott. It was really fun getting to meet my online friend, who is now my real life friend I guess! They are really sweet and we had a great visit with them.
We then headed back to the resort for some pool time. Bethany did the water slide and we waded around in the pool and then hung out and rested and read books. It was nice.
After that we went back, got dressed and took the water taxi over to the Boardwalk to try and find some food. We ended up getting an appetizer to go and just hanging out in the room....Bethany was sweet enough to tell me that she saw something going on outside like lights, so I was able to watch the Wishes fireworks show from our window! VERY could see the entire thing.
The next day was time to go home. We ended up leaving around 9:45 and making it to Bethany's house around 1pm. We packed up for Canaan who rode home with her mom and I and hit Atlanta at exactly 5pm! God is good and traffic was just not bad at all...we were through it all and home 6:30 or so!
We had a great time and although we didn't just lay around as much as we had thought we would, it was a great rest for our minds and not being "needed" for a few days...
I am so glad Bethany could come with me!Although she did not enjoy some of the things as much as I did (the wasteful fireworks! ha), there were things for her too, like Space Mountain and Bath and Body Works products in the bathroom! ha ha!
Oh....the meal challenge! Including snacks like ice cream and a cookie at Downtown Disney, we ended up spending $45 for all the days we were there! That is COMBINED! Between the TWO of us!!!! Thanks to some groceries in the room and sharing meals, we really came out great!!! Go us!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast! (Betsy told me y'all listened to Christmas music there and back, nice to hear I am not the only one ready for the Christmas music to start!!) Great job on the food budget-challenges are always fun to meet & beat!!

Marcy said...

I really enjoyed meeting up with y'all! I love your pics. Can you send me the ones you have of the three of us. Your pic in the slide show makes me look skinnier than mine do! ha! It was so fun to finally meet you in person and to see Bethany after so long.