Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apples and Amicalola Falls

UPDATE: Click HERE to see Noah on 11Alive!

I have lived in Georgia for 28 years and today I took my first trip to the great city of Elijay! Elijay is famous for apple orchards, and we took a field trip with our homeschool play group. We visited Hillcrest Orchards...where the kids got to...
practice milking a cow on this "fake" model.... then later they got to actually milk a real cow. Both Katie and Noah tried it, but I wasn't able to be at a good angle for a picture.

They also got to shell corn.

While the kids watched a show with an animatronic bull educating them about cows (which provided quite a few laughs for the grown-ups! HA!), a lady came over to ask if we would mind if a couple of the children from our group were videoed picking apples for Channel 11 News from Atlanta. We of course agreed, and Noah, and another girl from our group were excited to cooperate!

It is supposed to be on the 11pm, 6am, and Saturday morning news. I will be excited to see if they are on there! We also got videoed during the time the kids were milking the cow, which is part of the reason I didn't get a good photo.

Here is the group on the wagon ready to ride through the orchard to the petting farm.

Here is Noah with his friend, Maccoy. They were waiting for the pig races. Behind us in the building was the Moonshine Museum, which, sadly (for the two dads in the group, HA!) not included in the school tour! ha ha ha!!!

A shot of the pig races.

I had to include this shot, because it is so funny! Getting ready for....

THIS shot! lol.

The BIG slide at the play area. Noah slid first...

Then Katie decided to slide...if Meme went with her...
she loved it!

It turned out that the picnic area (we all brought lunches) was RIGHT AT the petting zoo area! So, we decided to drive over to a nearby state park for lunch instead. We drove to Amicalola Falls State Park. It sits at the base of the entrance to the Appalachain Trail! AND we actually hiked part of it (well the, approach trail)! I thought that was really cool!

These photos were taken around the picnic area.

Now, these were taken as we hiked to the "bottom" of the 729 foot falls.

This photo was taken at the actual bottom of the falls with the top far up in the background, but the lighting did not treat us well, so you can't see :(

my mom with the kids at the bottom of the 165 step ascent to the next observation deck.

Now heading back down...

These homeschoolers had to wake up while it was still DARK outside this morning! ha ha!
Needless to say..they were BEAT at the end of the hike!

It was a really awesomely fun day!
I hope to make the trip up to the falls again when Corey can come with us.


Karen said...

I am so glad Noah was able to go and enjoy all this...we used to take our boys to Ellijay during the fall and to Amicalola, too...have some great memories of their younger days....

Nikowa@KHA said...


that's so awesome!

Andy's Bethy said...

You didn't tell me that Noah was on the news! So fun.
I love the pig races - reminds me of the state fair... I miss farm country.
Looks like you guys had a great field trip.