Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thinking, Pondering, Musing....

I have several things on my mind as of late. Things that have been in the works and thoughts for a while. I hope to share them sometime soon when a decision is made, but I would like to ask for your prayers toward us every so often if you happen to think about it.

And now on to something completely different!

I made an exciting discovery tonight....I was getting out the fall and winter clothing bins and discovered that Katie and Noah both have plenty of clot
hes for the cool weather. I will be picking up a few things for Noah because he didn't end up getting quite as lucky at the post winter sales this past spring, but as cool weather comes they will be warmly provided for and I am so thankful for that! They both have a very nice 4-way coat that will probably last them each two more seasons. Katie has enough shirts to wear a different one every day for a few weeks probably! Osh Kosh was VERY lucrative at their end of the season sales last year for her! I am just so very grateful that they are already provided for this year with only a few odds and ends to add as far as dress pants or sweaters.

The bad side of that is that I really don't have a lot of clothes to put IN the sale! :( However, they did both decide finally grow some bigger feet, so we have lots of shoes to put in! AND we have cleaned the basement out a little more and have found some more things to put in. I hope to have a yard sale at the end of the month. Is September a good month for a yard sale??

Anyway, keep us in your thoughts please, and be thankful for the little things... like not having to go out and buy new clothes for fall!


Andy's Bethy said...

Isn't that a great feeling, starting the season knowing that you have enough clothes to get you through. I haven't even thought about pulling about the winter clothes yet. I guess I should check and see what Canaan has!
BTW - Zion has to be in a wedding on Tues. You have anything cute he can wear. You know I don't buy anything formal for my kids, pretty much ever!

heathcliff said...

First paragraph = Cryptic