Friday, September 11, 2009


Facebook is covered with remembering status updates today.

I was at home. Corey had a tooth extraction done and was home suffering through and I had skipped my Tuesday morning classes to stay home with him. We were, after all, newly married. Actually, the weekend of 9/11 had been the weekend our wedding was originally planned, but we had moved it up to the previous July....but that's a whole other story!
We sat glued to the tv. All day. All night.

I am so thankful that we were at home together, that we were not celebrating our wedding weekend, and that God has been faithful through every year and every month and every day and every hour and every moment since that moment.

For another wonderful story of patriotism, please visit THIS POST at my online friend's blog. It will inspire and encourage you and leave a smile and perhaps a tear on your face today.

Where were you?

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Karen said...

It was good you and Corey were together that day...I remember Ricky was on his way to the festival when it happened...we called each other many , many times that day...I suppose for reassurance that we were ok...

Your friends post and pictures were so sweet...little children can do the simplest things that touch hearts the most....