Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daybook for the First Day of Fall

I got this idea from another blog and thought it would be a fun thing to do on the first day of fall...

**September 22, 2009**

Outside my window... the sun is shining and the trees are waving. Somewhere out there between here and the other side of Nashville, Corey is on his way HOME after 10 days of being gone for work!

I am thinking... about going to see a piece of land today that my heart is aching to buy! It is such a great deal and a PERFECT location for us! After this rain, it would be a great day to check it out. Only $30,000 for 3 acres in Bartow...OH my heart is longing!!!!

I am thankful... that I am about to go downstairs with my children and have school together.

Learning at home... We just started piano lessons and are working on an apple lapbook in preparation for our trip to Hillcrest Orchards next Wednesday.

From the kitchen... that delicious chocolate cake that was pictured yesterday is awaiting... and we are out of bread so I am considering trying to make some again. I've never had luck with it before...any easy recipes to suggest?

I am reading... actually nothing really right now. Mostly blogs, ha ha. I will be reading the Bible study we are about to start...Esther. Oh, I did start Little Women again last week... such a sweet classic read.

To live the Word...(I changed this from liturgy since I got this from a Catholic friend's blog and I am not sure how that would apply to us :)
I want to start doing more to "physically" see this in our daily life. I was inspired by my friend who commemorates all the Catholic yearly celebrations with recipes, crafts, and activities in their daily lives. I want to do something like that with maybe doing more activities to go along with the Bible stories we are hearing and verses we are memorizing, or traditional recipes or arts. I should start researching this. We already do Bible devotional and prayer time in our school day and a family devotional and prayer time in the evenings. I know that we should inwardly and spiritually live the Word, but I want to "do" more of it in an age appropriate way with my kids...does that make sense?

I am creating... a throw. Well, I started it last year and since today is the first day of fall it is time to pull it out again! ha! I am a seasonal knitter...meaning...I only knit during the fall and winter because I can't stand to have yarn strewn across me during the hot spring and summertime! :)

Around the house... just finished cleaning and straightening in preparation for Corey to get home. I don't know why, but when he has been gone I always try to get everything all perfectly straightened before he gets home. He isn't one to really care or complain if it isn't, but it makes me feel better and leaves me more free time when he does get home.

I am hearing... Noah playing a video game on the DS and really nothing else. Katie was just in here asking me a question but now she went to brush her teeth. The clicking of the keyboard.... some cars outside... and Katie just RAN in here and yelled, "Is it on OFF yet?!?! It's on OFF!" in reference to the dishwasher. They tried to empty it earlier when it was on a pause in the cycle so I had to explain when to tell it was really done. They are SO eager to unload it! ha ha! (see yesterday's post).

One of my favorite things... right now is teaching Noah to read. Katie was pretty much self-taught after I showed her how to read long vowel words one time, ha ha. But Noah, well.... he isn't one to just grab up a book and practice reading all the time. He does enjoy it, but he also really loves video games and action figures and running around, etc, etc. It is AMAZING to be able to sit down and teach him lessons and see the light bulb go off in his head and for him to feel so proud of himself along the way. Truly one of the most favorite experiences of my life!

A few plans for the rest of the week... not much. Soccer practice on Thursday. Soccer game on Saturday morning. My last free weekend before my work begins for October at the Pumpkin Patch!

A picture thought I am sharing...


Karen said...

LOL at the picture...would love to know what they were thinking...enjoyed reading your list....

Erin said...

Do you want bread machine recipes or oven-baked ones for bread? I have some of both... we do a whole wheat one in the bread machine that can be sliced into sandwich bread. The oven-baked ones are never dense enough to slice into sandwich bread - they crumble too much, but they are great to have with dinner!

The picture at the end is hilarious!!

Oh, and how do you make the banner at the top of your blog? It looks really nice! And how do you get blogspot to give you a column on both sides of the posts? I can't figure out how to do that!

Andy's Bethy said...

I LOVE that picture.
I might have to a blog like that sometime. It is a nice way to organize your thoughts. I have so many blogs running around in my head, but actually getting them written... well that is another story.
You can always call me when you want a bread recipe. I think I change mine every time I make it, but the main idea stays the same.