Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer and Scouts

Activities are in full swing around here! I am so thankful for the way our schedule has worked itself out this year. We are enjoying plenty of at home time with just the right amount of "going" and "doing." Now that the summer musical is over, and the fall schedule is going, I can see that we made the right choices about what to cut out and what to add in. I feel like we are getting more quality and just the right quantity.

Our music curriculum came in last week, and the CDs have been added to my Ipod, so this week will be week one of that! I am so thrilled for the kids, they are going to love it! We still have our art curriculum. We have actually completed 38 or so days of school already! We are well past the first 6-week mark! Yay for a head start in July!

Noah is playing Upward Soccer with the same league he was in last year when I coached. It is AS EXPECTED going much better with an experienced coach at the helm! lol. Noah is such a great athlete! He really gives his all at every single practice, never complains, and follows directions very well. He is getting better and better each week and actually scored 2 goals at the last game! GO NOAH! I actually missed the last game because Katie and I were at a very important meeting....about...

Katie is beginning a journey with Girl Scouts with the kindergarten/1st grade group called "Daisy Scouts." A local homeschool mom heads up a troop that meets at a hotel just 10 miles down the interstate from us! I thought that Katie might enjoy being a girl scout and after the meeting I am even more convinced! Here is the tunic she will wear (for Daisies they can choose this tunic or a vest, but the tunic stays on better from what I hear! lol)

She will be working toward earning all the petals on her daisy and the patch that is actually shown on this one.
Daisy Learning Petals --- girls are given petals when they demonstrate understanding through their words and deeds their true meaning.
Blue Center: Learn the Girl Scout Promise
Light Blue: Honest & Fair
Yellow: Friendly & Helpful
Spring Green: Considerate & Caring
Red: Courageous & Strong
Orange: Responsible for what I say and do
Purple: Respect Myself & Others
Magenta: Respect Authority
Green: Use Resources Wisely
Rose: Make the world a better place
Violet: Be a sister to every Girl Scout

Their first journey will be all about flowers and gardening...something that Katie just ADORES already! When we went to the meeting we discovered that there are some girls Katie already knows from the homeschool group in our area and one in particular that is part of our play group and her mom which I have spent a lot of time getting to know already through dance classes. I am so excited for her! They will earn other patches as well and participate in FUND-RAISING for their troop so get ready everyone! lol.

Katie is already so serious about being a girl scout. I think that is going to really help her be receptive toward what they are trying to teach them and I know it will be good for her to learn about and demonstrate all the qualities on the petals. I am optimistic that this will be a very good and healthy experience for her!


Karen said...

I am so glad they are able to do these activities they love....

Pollyanna said...

Hi! My daughter is also joining Daisy Girl Scouts this year. Lord, help me - I volunteered to be the leader. I was a Brownie & bridged to Girl Scouts, but never made it much further. Hopefully, my daughter (and your's) will :)

Have a great day!