Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cookie Time!

Katie finally got to participate in the one thing that first drew her to Girl Scouts! She got to sell cookies! Well...we are currently still selling but we have to turn in our forms this week for the pre-sale. Since they are a Daisy troop, they will not be participating in booth sales or direct sales, they are just doing the pre-sale. Meaning: they just take pre-orders then actually carrying around boxes of cookies and sitting in front of Wal-mart. ha ha. (I think that's what she actually would have loved! ha!)

At the meeting, when we were given the order forms, all the other moms were telling me that the cookies sell themselves and that it would be really easy to sell a ton of boxes. We completed an online order drive and got 8 boxes right off the bat! I kind of kept forgetting to take our order form around with us, but with a 12 box goal and 8 already ordered, I thought it would be easy to get the rest, and I was RIGHT! I took it to church with me this morning to ask a few friends who had said they wanted some cookies when they first found out Katie was joining Daisies. Just with 7 more people buying she now has 20 more boxes ordered! WOW!

So, she has made her cookie selling goal, and it was true what they said... this is the easiest item to sell EVER! People just always buy what they always buy and don't think twice. Personally, I don't really like the cookies. The last ones I had were very mediocre to me and I know for a fact I can bake something myself that tastes better. Thankfully, they have an option to buy a box to donate to the troops!!!!

In other news.... Corey is having some terrible back pain. The worst of his entire life according to him, so please say a prayer for him. We think maybe he is experiencing another kidney stone? not sure... And..I am getting a cold! argh! I thought at first it was a reaction from touching Katie's shrimp the other night, but it's a cold. I guess I should be thankful because if just touching shrimp caused a reaction then I would have a very difficult time keeping Katie and Corey from ever eating it while I am with them! ha ha!

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Andy's Bethy said...

I may have to have some of those. I know my mom usually buys some thin mints.
I was crazy busy today and didn't get to talk to you. Miss you!