Friday, January 15, 2010

Girl Talk

Oh, how I needed the mom time last night! I invited the moms from our homeschool play group for chips n dips and games. It turned out that only 2 of the moms could come, plus Bethany, who is always a part of whatever kind of homeschool/mom/play thing I am doing if she happens to be in town or living here and so she was here and got to come also! So, it was just four of us moms sitting around together....away from the children and just hanging out.

Everyone brought a dip and I proved the "dippers" and we just sat around eating, and talking. I had a big stack of games, and we started to play one once, but it ended up just turning into more talk time. ha ha. I just really think we all needed it.

We have so many things in common: We are all moms. We all homeschool our children. We are all Christians. We all lead conservative lifestyles (with the occasional democratic tendency of Bethany to want to recycle or let everyone win the game! ha!!!). We all are young married, young mothers, and we all, obviously, were in want of some girl time!

Even though we have all those things in common, there were also so many differences among us. We have mega-churchers, church-planters, and home-churchers. We have moms of boys and moms of girls. We have moms who love to read and moms who love to see the movie. We each have our own very unique extended family and upbringing. It is just so fun to learn more and more about your friends and find those other common bonds or enjoy hearing about how the differences can serve to enhance even our friends.

There were discussions of how our homeschooling was going. Of course, as always, the discussion of babies being born..especially since one of the moms is expecting in April. Talk of family, and God and "church" and husbands, and jobs, and money, and life, and our kids, and funny stories, and just anything and everything as one thing lead to the next. We had moments of seriousness as we discussed faith and raising our children. Then we balanced it with some hilarity as we discussed other various topics. ;)

All and all, it was just great to have some girl talk with friends! Friends that I could be serious with and/or just funny around. What a blessing to have friends you know will give sound advice or share their experiences though good or bad....we can all share in whatever way is most helpful to our friends whether that means discussing a past hurtful and trying experience, or if it means remembering the joy and miracle of childbirth (to remind a friend who is nervous about it all over again about how wonderful it will be!).

I am so thankful for all of my friends and for Mom's Night In! :)

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Andy's Bethy said...

That was a great night, full of wonderful conversation... about lots of things!
And I can't help it that I am not competitive. I like everyone to feel that happy feeling of winning!
Thanks for planing it on the perfect night for me to come. Good timing!