Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow 2010

It is getting to be a pretty regular tradition to have a snow day in January over the past few years! AND it gets better every year, so maybe next year we won't see any leaves poking through in our photos! Here are some shots of our recent snow days!

The first thing we always do it put out a bowl to catch the snow!

It was falling steadily all afternoon and early evening. But, we never know how long it will stay so play we must right away! (ha, dr. seuss talk!)

Making snowballs from the snow on top of the cars. That was the easiest to gather.
That was last night.
This morning, there was even more snow! I am sure we had more early, but we didn't get out until about 11am. Here is their second attempt at snow angels!

Noah even completed his with a face!

The view at 11am. I almost regret not getting up earlier to get a picture, but I don't sleep well while Corey is gone, so we didn't get up very early. The front of our house gets sun all day, so a lot of it was already melting and falling off of things. Can you spot the snowmen in the this photo?

We made two TINY snowmen.

Katie tried to write 2010. We haven't officially started school since the new year, so we hadn't learned how to write it. It is funny how they apply the knowledge they have about how things go.... after a quick lesson she had it down!
Noah did the same thing...

Awww...we don't get many photos like this in Georgia!

Last shot of the day before I appalled them by making them strip down right inside the front door! ha ha! Warm clothes from the dryer, a warm fire, and hot cocoa to warm up!


Josh'sWif said...

I love the snow angel with a happy face...thats too cute!

Karen said...

Love these pictures...and your header! Looks that they had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Cute 'lil snow angels!!!

My boys had fun too :)

Marcy said...

The snow angel looked great! I loved those two cute little snowmen!!! Y'all got more snow than us, I think. I am glad that y'all had fun out in it today!

Andy's Bethy said...

I am going to have to start coming "home" when Corey goes out of town. That looks like so much fun!!!
C and Z were asking of there would still be snow when we come up next week. I hated to break it to them that it wouldn't last that long.
We usually make our snowman on top of the car, since they are so pitifully small in GA. I like your snowballs though - they look ready to throw.