Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My New Header!

I decided to create a new header for the blog...and stick with it! It was getting hard to keep up with the seasons, and I didn't like that it changed all the time....I mean I kind of did and kind of didn't. I like having a general header.... not season specific...which meant I could also make a button for my sidebar! I added it to my other blogs, the baby blog, and my book blog, so I could re-direct back to here and do it cutely. ha ha.

Anyway, that's my new header. The plan is to keep it permanently. We'll see.


Andy's Bethy said...

Yeah sure! I'll believe that when I see it - you'll get bored in a week or two and put me to shame with some beautiful new design. You always do!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I've gotta add your button...don't know WHY I don't have it already.

Oh & I had a red Curve. Liked it, but the iPhone is better (IMO)