Monday, January 11, 2010

Our New Cart

Yes, I am constantly changing things around here. We moved our classroom back upstairs before Christmas. Several things contributed including: no window down there, dust, basement critters, and COLD!
And since we thought I was going to be pregnant we decided to go ahead get it all upstairs then while I could help with the moving. It isn't ALL up here yet, because I just bought two black bookshelves to bring the rest up to organize and I also picked up this rolling cart for all our basics that we can take back and forth between the bedroom and kitchen.

Isn't it just perfect?!?!?

It rolls back and forth and has just the right amount of room for all the stuff we use everyday.
I will use the black bookshelves for all the rest that I don't use everyday but I can cycle out through the cart.
It even has two wire drawers that pull out. Under the second shelf you can see it. I put their pencil boxes, journal, and calendar in them. Our kitchen table gets plenty of natural light from the bay windows and has a great light there as well. We greatly enjoyed using our new school spot today...our first day back for 2010! 79 days to go! :)


Andy's Bethy said...

I like that cart. Very convenient. I definitely like doing school near a window, so I am sure you will enjoy the natural light upstairs!
I can't believe you only have 79 days left. We have 87 - and I started back last week!

melanie said...

Carrie, over the years we have moved room to room, upstairs, downstairs, bar to table and table to couch. The variety does us good! I love your cart! We used the rolling drawers once but I have to say the cart far out shines that idea!