Monday, August 30, 2010

12 Cookies of Christmas Baking Challenge

Here are the finalized (and revised) details of the 12 Cookies of Christmas Baking Challenge. This is where the button will bring you if/when you post it on your blog.

To participate, please add yourself to the linky below (all the way below the post) with your post about the challenge and what level/goal you are setting for yourself. Be sure to steal my picture above to put on your blog post. And also add the button to your blog so we can get more participants! The more the merrier!

The challenge will run from December 1-December 31st, 2010. The challenge is to bake a variety of types of Christmas cookies, choosing from the categories listed. You may join at the "Baker" level, or the "Pastry Chef" level.

Baker Level: 6 varieties of cookies, 1/2 (3 varieties) that you have never baked before.
Pastry Chef Level: 12 varieties of cookies, 1/2 ( 6 varieties) that you have never baked before.

Here are the Christmas Cookie Categories!

1. Classic
(1 freebie that doesn't fit the other categories)
2. Chocolate or fudgy based cookies
3. Spicy cookies
4. Bar Cookies
5. Red and Green Cookies
6. Minty Cookies
7.Cookies with a Story
(an heirloom recipe, or a cookies that are a tradition in another country)
8. Cut-Out Cookies
9. Difficult to make cookies
(involves several steps, mixes, processes, or complicated decorations)
10. Made by kids
(you only assist in dangerous steps, no cracking the eggs!)
11. Fruity cookies
12. No bake cookies

Everyone completing their goal will be entered into a drawing for a giveaway. Separate giveaway for Baker and Pastry Chef level participants.
Tune in December 1st for information on how to post your blogs detailing (recipes, photos) your creations for the Challenge. Your blog posts MUST be linked/posted by midnight on New Year's Eve in order to count for your entry for the giveaway.
Each week will have a different set of themes for cookies (taken from the list). Extra entries if your cookies for the week match the pre-picked themes.
This means that I will be completing the Pastry Chef level..baking all the categories.
Of course, as host, I will not be a part of the giveaway, but I will enjoy seeing all the cookies you guys come up with!

And, I'm afraid I would just embarrass everyone with my cookie awesomeness if I were just a regular participant...I mean, I DID make THESE cookies one year. *yawn* ha ha! Don't hate, it's all in fun!

Now it's time to start perusing recipes and gathering those one of kind ingredients!
If you have a website for resources you would like to share, please post it in the comments (not the linky) section of this post.
Happy Baking!


Kristi Lea said...

I am sooo excited about this! I really want to take on the full challenge and enter at Pastry Chef level, but it will depend on where finances are come closer to december, and how many ingredients I can slowly buy before then. Do we have till then to make a final decision?

My friends and family are going to LOVE that I'm doing this! Cookies for everyone!

Jackie Koll said...

This looks fun - I had planned to do Christmas baking this year and to try some new recipes so this fits right in. I'm thinking I'll do the Pastry level; I bake cookies every week anyway so that just adds a few more.

I need to find some good recipe sites :-)

Karen said...

This sounds well though out, Carrie...and the perfect outlet for your creative flow! I will come back and link up later....