Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicago Family Photos

I decided to blog about our trip in themes rather than chronologically because we saw some things several times and this just seemed like a neat way to do it. Here is Noah with his Cubs cap. First purchase of the trip to keep the sun out on the bus tour. The bus tour goes all over the city, but we decided to start it at Navy Pier because we could end up there at the end of the night and get our car. The tour only ran until 6pm (last one starting at 5pm) so the pier was a neat way to spend time after we were finished.
This post will be all photos of us together around the city. The sights, buildings, etc will be in other posts.

Katie picked out this style hat for keeping the sun out.

Here we are! Ready to go! We got a seat on the back of the bus which was a great spot!

Katie and Corey

Me and Katie
(it is NOT Katie and I grammar people! sorry, pet peeve!)

Noah and Corey on the bus

City View. This is why we enjoyed the back seat. the other seats were all just two seats together. This way we could all sit together.

Now me and the kids together with the city background. This was taken at a stop while people were exiting and entering.

Family pics at Rainforest Cafe

Close ups!

The pier was a beautiful place to get family photos!

Chicago was definitely one of my most favorite places we have ever visited! It was so much fun and it was even August! ha ha! We are already planning another trip...we have a couple of milestones next year (my 30th, our 10th wedding anniversary) so...maybe we will get back up there sometime soon!

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Karen said...

Great pictures! Love the expressions on Katie and Noah's faces....