Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu Planning

I am not participating in "day in the life" week on the back to school blog hop...mainly because I didn't get a post ready before our trip, and today is a day off as well, so I'm just gonna skip it myself. But, I have enjoyed reading some of the other posts and found one particularly helpful one at "Women Living Well". This blogger was the stay at home mom featured on the Rachel Ray show a while back. I don't regularly read her blog (before now!), but I found her chore plan very interesting! And a commenter (from (Living Springdrops) shared a menu theme planning method that seemed really doable as well! They may even be methods I could actually stick with and use. I have made myself and the kids chore charts, and I have planned months of menus at a time complete with shopping lists. These are all great plans, but I don't ever stick with them. Her method is simple, with a theme each day for chores.

Monday: Menu and Market (grocery shopping)
Tuesday: Toilets, tubs, towels
Wednesday: Wash (laundry)
Thursday: Dust (I thought of Throw It Out & Thorough Clean)
Friday: Floors

The commenter's menu planning goes like this:

Mexican Monday
Tomato-y Tuesday
Wild Card Wednesday
Thrifty and Thankful Thursday
Fancy Friday
Soupy Saturday
Sandwich Sunday

Don't you just love it??? I am so glad to have found these plans, and hopefully I can use these both to get a little more consistent in my weekly planning. I love to plan meals, but many times I run to the grocery store without a list and end up eating the same things over and over (hot dogs, baked potatoes, spaghetti) but hopefully this will inspire me to mix it up a little. I could see that we might would switch around the suit what we were in the mood to eat, but at least this would have me ready with a meal for each day!


Karen said...

Sounds good...oh, to be so organized...

Andy's Bethy said...

Interesting... I will have to look it over, and see how your trial run goes too. I'll let you be the guinea pig!

denice Parker said...

Hi! You linked to me! Fun! I am new at the blog world and wondering if I'll ever get going! Hope you enjoy your menu!!!